Every year, pop culture inspires *the* Halloween costume of the season.

Pop culture-inspired Hallowee costumes
photo: Twitter

For 2017, that costume will undoubtedly be Pennywise, the creepy AF clown from this year's remake of "It."

Pennywise Fenty Beauty
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Makeup artists have already started flooding Instagram with their own renditions of the nightmarish clown.

... but shockingly, no one's used Fenty Beauty for a Pennywise tutorial.

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And that makes zero sense. The clown-of-the-moment would definitely use the makeup brand-of-the-moment, right?

Does Pennywise use Fenty Beauty?
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I mean, with his skin... he, like, has to...? 

(Name a brand that has a more impressive shade range. I'll wait.)

That's why one woman is calling on members of the Rihanna Navy to use Fenty Beauty to create "Fentywise" looks this year.

Pennywise costume using Fenty Beauty = "Fentywise"
photo: Twitter

Fentywise? FENTYWISE? I'm dead.

(Jill Hopkins is a Chicago-based radio host, a bonafide genius, and my personal hero.)

Twitter is 10000% onboard.

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What better way to honor two pop culture phenomenons than to combine them into one incredible costume?

You read it here first: Halloween 2017 is the year of "Fentywise."