Celebrities are notorious for keeping their children private. And why wouldn't they be? With so many eyes on them, we can imagine that the urge to share something so precious with millions of people they don't know is slim to none. So it's understandable that Gigi Hadid has kept the name of her baby girl a secret for these months, but it hasn't stopped fans from asking. 

Check it out. 

In September, Gig Hadid gave birth to her baby girl. 

After what was a jaw-dropping and stunning pregnancy, she and Zayn Malik's long-awaited girl was finally earth side, and fans couldn't wait to see her and find out her name. 

However, they've found out neither. 

But this holiday season, fans are hoping that may change. 

"All I want for Christmas is for Gigi Hadid to drop her babies name," an eager fan wrote on Twitter. "Why am I like this?" 

This comes after it was rumored that the baby's name was Dorothea. 

Here's how it got to that point: On Taylor Swift's new album, she has a song titled exactly that. Fans then noticed that Gigi, a friend of Swift, had posted a throwback photo when she was pregnant. In her caption was the word "August." Still not following? Neither were we. "August" is the eighth song on Swift's Folklore album, so from there, fans deduced that "Dorothea," the eighth track on Swift's latest, had to be the baby's name. 

What a leap that one was. However, according to TMZ, a source close to the model quickly shut that down. 

So fans were then back at square one. 

"Everyone is wondering when the next lock down is but I'm just wondering what Gigi Hadid's baby's name is," someone tweeted. 

The folks are serious here. 

So if it won't be a Christmas gift, perhaps it could be a New Year's gift?

"2020 is almost over and we still don't know the name of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's baby," someone remarked. 

Let's just say, we don't anticipate a face or name anytime soon. 

Understandably, it seems like Hadid and Malik simply want to lay low and keep what we're sure is their beautiful baby girl private and away from the limelight. Until they decide to make that decision, we'll respect their wishes and wait in anticipation.