Let's be real: fandoms can be annoying. When we get passionate about books, movies, and television series our love for the material can sometimes get vicious. There's nothing wrong with innocently getting a little overprotective about something that means a whole lot to you, but when you inject issues of race and representation into the conversation things can get messy. Illustrator Sophia Canning has been dealing with the backlash from art she created in 2016 for two years. The reason? Sophia decided to depict Hermione Granger from Harry Potter as black. 

In 2015, it was announced that a black actress would be portraying Hermione Granger in the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Originally played by Noma Dumezweni, today Franc Ashman has taken over the role.

While many were outraged that a black person would play a fictional character who never really existed in the first place, J.K. Rowling was quick to squash the hate. Hermione's race was never indicated in the source material. Any race is canon.

Illustrator Sophia Canning created her own rendering of a more diverse Harry Potter in 2016. 

Back then she received backlash for it, but to Sophia's surprise the criticism returned two years later.

Hey, sometimes that racist internet outrage can be really inspiring.  

Creativity is the best revenge if you ask me; Sophia decided to create a new illustration of Hermione. The result is gorgeous. 

Sophia took inspiration from beauty influencer Jasmine Brown to create Hermione's features. She wanted this version to have bigger, curlier hair. 

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Sophia did not expect the image to go viral. 

An avid Harry Potter fan, Sophia thought every detail thoroughly through.

She used Photoshop to "paint" the entire image that some even mistook for a photograph. The entire process took around four hours. 

If you're wondering if representation, even in art, matters, seeing Sophia's illustration actually convinced some folks that the spirit of Hermione could be captured by someone of any color.

214,000 likes on Twitter later and people cannot stop gushing about the new and improved Hermione Granger. Black or white, Hermione will always be the real hero of Harry Potter. It's no wonder fans are so passionate about her.