Earlier this month, model Hunter McGrady excitedly announced her return to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit as an "official rookie."

Who is the other plus-size model in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit?
photo: Instagram/@huntermcgrady

"You guys, I have been bursting to tell you all the exciting news that I am an official Rookie in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit," McGrady, who was featured in the magazine last year, told her Instagram followers. "Here I am, a size 16 at nearly 6 feet tall and am yet again in what is considered the sexiest magazine to come out every year!"

But instead of celebrating, McGrady sadly had to spend her time fighting off trolls who think she has no place in the magazine. 

After headlines called out McGrady's curves for causing "madness," she fearlessly took to Instagram to address her body shamers.

"Things are gonna change," she insisted. "The people who haven’t gotten onboard yet, they’ll just have to catch up because it’s not stopping now. It’s only the beginning.” 

Unfortunately, the body shaming only got worse. 

Rather than cool it with the insults, trolls switched tactics and began telling McGrady that her body is "wrong."

Fed up with the negativity, McGrady addressed the ridiculous "wrong body" comments in a lengthy Instagram post.

"My body is not wrong," she wrote on Thursday. "There is no part of it that is not me or does not belong where it is. There is no such thing as a 'wrong’ body.

McGrady reminded trolls that society's impossible body standards are what's "wrong."

"What’s wrong is the way you see it, the beliefs you impose on it, the labels you attach to it," she continued. "Your words are wrong — not my body." 

She concluded her post with a powerful statement.

"I was not ‘born in the wrong body,'" McGrady noted. "You were given the wrong words to describe it."

(And she's so RIGHT.)