photo: TV Land

When it comes to studying fashion, go big or go home.

A student designer from the London College of Fashion who goes by Harikrishnan just created a new kind of pant that has the internet absolutely astounded and hysterical. The puffy pants inflate at the bottom of the legs, giving them an avant-garde bell-bottom style. The pants reminded me and many others of a similar inflatable look from another fashion school, the one at Central Saint Martins.

The internet has had a field day creating some hilarious memes based on the inflatable puffy pants. 

The pants were dramatic and interesting, for sure.

Each look was futuristic but also reminded me of the '80s. The designer used latex to create the styles, and they truly inflate with air, which is how they get the absurdly large silhouette. For the tops, Harikrishnan used simple, tailored crop tops to balance out the wide-legged look.

Harikrishnan shared a short video before the show's debut to tease his looks. 

Harikrishnan explained to Dezeen how he came up with such a wild concept. "I got the idea when I was playing with my dog and I started thinking about how exaggerated objects must look from such a low angle," he told the outlet. The designer continued, "I want to create visual imagery that's as far away as possible from neutrality, to make people question the relevance of the proportions we see every day."

Some people are seeing some unrealistic proportions. 

A journalist joked in a tweet that the pants looked like men's anatomy. Many people seemed to agree and replied with their own hilarious interpretations of the style. The designer certainly accomplished his goal of getting people to question "proportions" and to get "as far away as possible from neutrality."

On a more wholesome note... I'm also seeing Bert and the penguins from Mary Poppins.

The famous dancing scene in "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" could also have drawn some inspiration from the massive puffy pants. While Bert pulled down his trousers to emulate the penguins, perhaps that animal was part of Harikrishnan's inspiration, too.

I think they look a little bit like clown pants. 

Harikrishnan chose vibrant colors like red and mint green in vertical patterns that almost look like a circus tent. Plus, paired with the rubbery latex, I'm definitely getting clown vibes, that is the classiest clown in the circus who wears a mint green tailored blazer. 

People are genuinely confused about the logistics of these pants.

One person had tons of questions in regards to the legitimacy and wearability of the look. For starters, "Are they like that all the time or do they puff up if you startle them?" 

The tweeter continued, "Can you expand them to create additional 'personal space' on elevators or the subway? What happens when some one jabs them with a pencil? Do they explode? Imagine a slow noisy leak..."

The bouncing pants meme seems like a fitting inspiration.

Imagine these bad boys, only down the runway, and you've got Harikrishnan's style. The pants could work almost like an exercise ball of sorts. They definitely gave everyone a laugh and evoked an emotion, which is all a designer could ask for.