There once was a time when "do it for the Vine" made for hilariously curated video clips of people doing ridiculous things. Today the same motto exists for Instagram — only it's not a joke. These people are truly curating bullshit and making it look like real life, and it's gotten out of hand.

For example, a group of friends in NYC recently threw a supposedly "spontaneous" birthday party on a J train subway car for a Los Angeles–based photographer named Amber Asaly.

According to Amber Asaly, the birthday girl, the friends devised a plan after a restaurant reservation fell through. They boarded the J train at the Myrtle-Broadway stop in Brooklyn at around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, assembled a makeshift table, hung streamers and a piñata, and even set up a lobster dinner.

"Each friend collectively grabbed a bag," she told New York Post. "Then we installed the table on the train."

"We all dressed up. We made it like a Michelin-starred restaurant. That was kind of the whole point," she added.

Once everything was set up, the girls dined on lobster and plain spaghetti (why?) and drank bottles of white wine while other passengers looked on in horror.

"They were just sitting there, not saying anything," Asaly said.

Some people may think it's a creative way to spend a birthday, but personally, I am disgusted. First of all, the subway is probably one of the dirtiest — if not the dirtiest — places in the entire world.

And they sat on the floor and ate dinner in there. I just threw up in my mouth.

Second of all, they appear to be eating PLAIN spaghetti and effing lobster. WHAT ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH INSPIRED THIS MEAL?

I think we all can agree this whole nightmare was most definitely planned specifically for the Instagram photos. "Impromptu" birthday party my ass.

Aside from all these monstrosities, taking up an entire section of a subway car so you can take pictures for Instagram is just ... rude.

Oh, and the icing on the cake? They left the mess for someone else to clean up.

In conclusion, people will do anything for Instagram. Even if it's inconsiderate and disgusting.

PS: The Instagram pic earned her about six times more likes than her usual posts, so it worked.

photo: Giphy