Influencer Harimao Lee posted a photo of herself flying first class on a Cathay Pacific flight. 

The internet is so extra, I can't say I am surprised, but the source of all the ire are some string lights. Yep, string lights. 

Apparently, bringing string lights to first class really sets people off. Instagram is full of contrived photos, but this was simply too much for some of Lee's followers. I mean, what can I say, we have all been collectively losing our minds since 2016.

Harimao Lee is a travel blogger and photographer, and you haven't quite seen the world until you've seen it through her perspective.

Lee takes maximalist photos of her travels and experiences. 

Just wow. However, one photo caused quite a negative reaction.

Lee shared a photo of herself flying in first class from Hong Kong to Rome.

People left some pretty nasty comments on Instagram saying she got paid to take the photo on the plane, that she wasn't in her seat correctly, and that the string lights are ridiculous. 

“This is ridiculous! This sort of staged nonsense is a joke. Nobody travels like this!!” wrote one angry Instagram user. According to Nine, another said, “Fake, false, staged and clearly ‘paid for by promotion.’”

I don't think Lee did anything wrong, but I do think people are exhausted by the ostentatious and bizarre lives of influencers. 

At the end of the day, if you don't like what someone posts, just unfollow them!