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... but others were alarmed to see fellow commenters refer to Lawrence's body as "plus-size."

Is Iskra Lawrence plus size
photo: Instagram

It's important to remember that plus-size bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Lawrence has fuller thighs — but she also has a flat stomach, a tiny waist, and a size-12 clothing size. 

Lawrence never once said she aimed to represent ALL plus-size woman, but many people found it disheartening to see her smaller-than-average body being called "plus-size."

"No shade because I think she's beyond stunning but how is she a plus-size model?" one commenter asked. 

"Yes, she has beautiful hops and bum, her body is the definition of an hourglass figure, but I don't get how that is plus-size."

Lawrence quickly jumped into her comments to set the record straight.

Is Iskra Lawrence plus size
photo: Instagram

Although she personally doesn't define herself by size, she reminded her followers that the fashion industry does indeed consider her "plus-size."

"I'm considered plus-size by the fashion industry because I do not fit into the U.S. sample size 2," Lawrence insisted. "As a 12, I am closer to the plus-size samples in size 14."

She attempted to finally put an end to the "label debate" once and for all.

Iskra Lawrence plus-size
photo: Instagram/@iskra

The fashion industry may call her plus-size, but she doesn't want to limit herself to that label.

"I've never defined myself by size," she concluded. "I have always said, 'I'm Iskra.'"