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James Charles is getting some major backlash for a caption he posted about his first Met Gala experience. 

The Met Gala is the most exclusive event in the fashion and entertainment industries, with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour crafting an invite list of only the utmost A-list celebrities.

Last year, YouTuber Liza Koshy walked the steps of the Met Gala and was the first influencer to be invited. This year, three influencers attended — Koshy, Charles, and Lilly Singh

Following the event, the makeup guru and social media influencer made a seriously tone-deaf comment about "influencer representation" at fashion's biggest night, and people are rolling their eyes. Social media influencers have millions of followers and make millions of dollars; their representation at an already supremely classist event is hardly something to brag about.  

He used a very unfortunate choice of words to describe his first Met Gala experience. 

Charles wore an outfit designed by Alexander Wang, and unfortunately people had a negative reaction to it. But the most negative reaction Charles received about his Met Gala presence was regarding his caption: "influencer representation."

"Being invited to such an important event like the ball is such an honor and a step forward in the right direction for influencer representation in the media and I am so excited to be a catalyst." 

Even people who have influencer status disagreed with his choice of words. 

Folake Aina, YouTuber Jackie Aina's sister, responded to his idea of representation in the media. "Representation in the media" is a phrase often associated with a lack of minority representation, and Charles using that phrase in regards to social media influencers is just incorrect. 

Some people poked fun at the idea of social media influencers being marginalized or oppressed — something they clearly are not. 

People with millions of followers or subscribers make millions of dollars and have a power that most marginalized and oppressed people will never have. Charles may experience oppression to some degree for being LGBTQ, but to classify all influencers as needing further representation in an already-hypersaturated influencer world was tactless. 

James Charles, you played yourself with this one. 

Inviting Charles to the Met Gala made sense on a few levels. He has celebrity status and fits in with the mold that Wintour has created for the exclusive event. Someone on Twitter questioned why he had to turn this invite into a smug caption. 

People can't help but roast his caption. 

One person joked that Charles' comment furthered an influencer's intersectional identity. Intersectionality is the idea that one can experience multiple levels of oppression for one's identity. 

Social media influencers have an unbelievable amount of presence in the media. And while it's true that the Met Gala has not included these types of celebrities before, it hardly classifies them as a minority. 

His comment suggested that he was sparking a change for YouTubers at the Met Gala, but Liza Koshy attended last year. 

Some people also question his use of the word "catalyst" because he isn't exactly the first influencer to attend the Gala. Last year, Liza Koshy attended the Met Gala, and this year fellow YouTuber Lilly Singh joined them. 

People cannot stop laughing at the ridiculous nature of his caption. 

His comment came off so smug that it is laughable to some. Unfortunately for Charles his attempt at being a "catalyst" for change was not taken the way he wanted. Few would have questioned his celebrity status and whether or not an influencer deserved to attend the Gala, but many will question his attempt at further "representation" for that group. 

The influencer has been asking for messages of positivity following his critiques. 

Charles has experienced criticism many times before, and he has revealed the toll it takes when commenters leave negative messages. He posted a tweet asking his followers to spread positivity. The makeup artist hardly ever shies away from responding to negativity, so it's just a matter of time before he makes a statement about this debacle.

Charles vaguely addressed the drama on his Instagram Story.

"I wanted to say thank you to those of you guys who did leave positive comments on today's new Met Gala video. The reaction is definitely quite split. I knew this was going to happen, though; I talked about it in the video. Anytime anything like this ever happens with an influencer doing something new people tend to be very, very up in arms about it, and I can see why. But regardless it was such a huge honor... and nothing is going to take away from my amazing time that I had."

In true James Charles fashion, he posted a YouTube video following his entire Met Gala journey.

He also posted an entire video documenting his first Gala experience. He touches on the idea of YouTuber representation at the event, with fellow influencers Lilly Singh, Liza Koshy, and model Rosie Huntington-Whitely at the 10:03 mark.