photo: Instagram/James Charles

James Charles is no stranger to a celebrity collab. However, his upcoming one with Lil Nas X is something that nobody anticipated. The vague yet exciting news came from Charles himself, but since the initial announcement, nothing else has been revealed. 

Ahead, check out what we do know, as well as our predictions for what we think the makeup look will be. 

Well, folks, it looks like James Charles and Lil Nas X are teaming up.

For what exactly, we're not quite sure, but we can only imagine that it'll be another celebrity makeup collaboration. The news was revealed via Charles' Instagram stories. 

Since then, there's been no update. Now fans are getting antsy.

"When is the lil nas x video gonna drop?" fans continue to tweet Charles. Aside from the original photo post, Charles hasn't released any information pertaining to a release date. Lil Nas X hasn't either.

Perhaps it'll be a look similar to the rapper's Halloween costume?

He paid homage to Nicki Minaj, complete with a nearly identical bodysuit and a bright, bold eye look. Maybe that's what we'll see here? 

There's no telling, but we'll be sure to keep you posted if we hear any more rumblings.