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Game of Thrones fanatics finally have a funny explanation for why Jon Snow was MIA in so many scenes during the show's eighth and final season. A photo has surfaced of Kit Harington (who plays the Jon Snow character) doing Maisie Williams' (Arya Stark) makeup on the set of Game of Thrones and dedicated show viewers are having the most hilarious reactions to the adorable behind-the-scenes moment.

As it goes with all happenings on the show, fans have some theories about the context of the cute photo. They've also got some new plans for Jon Snow's post-Game of Thrones future. Get into the funny fan exchange here. 

A Game of Thrones fan first shared the image on Twitter in utter amazement.

The photo appears to show Kit Harington (who played the character Jon Snow) doing Maisie Williams' makeup (who played the character Arya Stark) on the set. "I have so many questions," the fan wrote. 

So is that Kit Harington, or is that a makeup artist who looks SEVERELY like Kit Harington? And if it's the latter, then Game of Thrones was even more magical if it was able to host both Harington and his equally handsome doppelganger....

Fans immediately began offering their hilarious opinions and conclusions about how and why this makeup session came about.

One fan thinks Harington turning to makeup was only appropriate since he seems to have the most repetitive lines on the show. "Why not?" one fan asked. "How long do you think it takes to memorise [sic] 'she’s my queen' and 'I don’t want it.'"

Ha! That's a good one!

Game of Thrones fans think doing makeup was quite the appropriate task for Jon Snow.

"Well, Jon didn’t do anything else during the season so they had to put him to work," a fan shared. They also think he did a pretty dang good job on Arya Stark's beat. "Gotta make millions somehow, and let’s be honest, Arya looked fabulous," another fan chimed in. Somehow I think Kit Harington is somewhere agreeing with these thoughts.

They've come up with the most adorable nickname for Harington.

"Actually, now that I think about it, one could just say 'Makeup Kit.' Makes for a great pun." Ha! Get it? Makeup Kit Harington? Maybe being a person into makeup made this way funnier than it's supposed to be and I am unashamed.

One person thinks Harington shared the fans' sentiments about hating season eight.

"Kit got so fed up with the script that he switched to the makeup department," one fan joked. This tweet was met with thousands of likes because in case you haven't heard, tons of fans were unsatisfied with the way the eighth and final season played out. Some even started and signed a petition to rewrite the entire season. By the way, the petition was slammed by Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) who called it "disrespectful."

Another fan simply thinks Jon Snow was busying himself with makeup to avoid the one thing everyone wants him to do.

"Avoiding the Iron Throne by all means necessary," the fan wrote. To catch you up, although this show has been a race to the Iron Throne amongst the houses of Westeros, Jon Snow is actually the rightful heir to the throne. The catch is that he has no interest in claiming it. He's only interested in having honor, doing things the right way, sleeping with Dany, and obviously doing Arya Stark's makeup. 

They also rewrote his Game of Thrones titles.

"Cosmetologist of the seven kingdoms. King of the north. Lord commander of the Nights watch. Steward to the Lord commander. Wilding lover. Bastard son of Ned Stark. Just acquiring them titles..." 

We just wanna know what cosmetology school Jon Snow attended. 

Fans who love makeup and Game of Thrones also liked Jon Snow's choice of makeup tools.

Drugstore beauty tool s? We stan!

"I see Kit with that Real Techniques brush," one fan noted. Drugstore beauty tools? Yesss! Fans cannot help but stan a hot Game of Thrones character who knows how to beat a face well and balls out on a beauty budget. Also, peep the makeup artist bag wrapped around his waist. He is committed!

They want a Jon Snow beauty YouTube channel, STAT!

Game of Thrones might be over, but could Jon Snow have a future in the beauty community? "Looking forward to his 'Drugstore Faves!' video on his channel this week," a fan joked. Nah, but seriously. I don't really care what Jon Snow/Kit Harrington does on a YouTube channel. I will subscribe to see his face once a week. 

Fans even have his YouTube tagline.

Ahh! "Easy, breezy, beautiful, Winterfell" is absolutely perfect. Jon Snow is all of those things. And again, wouldn't you subscribe to his YouTube channel and like every video just to see his face every week?

The next move's on you, Makeup Kit!