Does Kendall Jenner Photoshop her Instagram photos?
photo: Splash

Kendall Jenner posted a butt selfie onto Instagram on Wednesday.

But instead of praising her for her Hump Day treat, Jenner's followers were like, "Uh... is that Photoshop?"

The "controversial" photo features Jenner in a red one-piece, lifting up the side of her swimsuit to show off her booty.

Did Kendall Jenner Photoshop her butt in her Instagram photo?
photo: Instagram/@kendalljenner

"84°," Jenner captioned the butt shot.

The focus was *supposed* to be on Kendall's butt. But instead, fans zeroed in on the suspicious curves of the wall behind her...

Does Kendall Jenner Photoshop her Instagram pics?
photo: Instagram/@kendalljenner

Jenner's keen-eyed followers notice something was "off" with the walls. The background appeared to be slanted (as marked by the orange arrow), and the bottom trim on each side of Jenner wasn't in-line (as marked by the pink arrows). 

Fans called out Jenner for allegedly Photoshopping her behind.

Kendall Jenner caught Photoshopping her butt pics
photo: Twitter

But this isn't the first time someone in the Kardashian-Jenner clan was caught Photoshopping her pics. Last year, Jenner's older sister Khloe was mocked for enhancing her thighs via FaceTune. 

Then in May, Kylie Jenner posed for an Instagram selfie with family friend Jordyn Woods — and they happened to be standing in a room with suspiciously wavy carpet

Maybe it's Photoshop; maybe the Kardashian-Jenners just live in homes with walls as curvy as they are.

But either way, they don't really seem to care if their backgrounds are a little wonky. *Anything* is worth posting as long as that booty looks good.