Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian debuted her "Bo Derek" braids — and immediately, the internet lost its mind.

Kim Kardashian's "Bo Derek" braids
photo: Snapchat

Not only did Kardashian appropriate a traditionally Black hairstyle, she refused to call the style by its correct name. 

Rather than admit she was wearing "Fulani" braids, Kardashian called them "Bo Derek" braids

She credited a white actress for the style — not Black women.

The internet wasted no time schooling Kardashian for her "problematic" hairstyle.

Even "Mean Girls" actress Lindsay Lohan admitted she was confused by Kardashian's look.

Lindsay Lohan's comment about Kim Kardashian's braids
photo: Instagram

"I am confused," Lohan allegedly wrote under a reposted Instagram photo of Kardashian.

But Kardashian didn't want to hear it. Upon noticing Lohan's comment, Kardashian quickly dished out a "Mean Girls"-style diss.

Kim Kardashian roasted Lindsay Lohan after she commented about her braids
photo: Instagram

She roasted Lohan for her "sudden foreign accent."

"You know what’s confusing… your sudden foreign accent," Kardashian snapped, referring to the culturally ambiguous accent Lohan picked up in 2016. 

Well, damn. That was harsh.

photo: Giphy

Is Regina George in the building?

After putting Lohan "in her place," Kardashian turned her attention back to her critics.

Kim Kardashian's response to the "Bo Derek" braids backlash
photo: Twitter

She uploaded a series of photos to make it clear how little she cared about the backlash.

"Hi, can I get zero fucks please, thanks," Kardashian posted on Twitter as the outrage continued to pour in.

Lohan has yet to respond to Kardashian's comment.

Lindsay Lohan's comment on Kim Kardashian's braids
photo: Splash News

It appears Lohan has decided not to engage in an Instagram war with Kardashian (unlike the rest of the internet).