As the Harvey Weinstein accusations continue to grow, thousands of women (and men) have banded together on social media using the hashtag, #MeToo

Under the viral hashtag, countless people are sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and assault, shedding light on the scale of this inexcusable problem.

But unfortunately, not everyone on the internet is taking these accounts seriously. 

Over the weekend, one troll took photos of "Girls" creator Lena Dunham and turned the snapshots into a Harvey Weinstein-related meme. Unsurprisingly, Dunham was not pleased to discover the cruel "joke."

In a now-deleted tweet, Dunham called out the "POS" who turned her workout photos into a meme.

A troll turned a photo of Lena Dunham working out into a Harvey Weinstein meme on Twitter
photo: Twitter

The meme shows Dunham preparing for a run, and its caption reads, "When you realize you ain't really Harvey Weinstein's type but you need a movie deal."

"So Jenni Konner encourages me to focus on the positive," Dunham responded to the meme on Twitter, referencing her "Girls" co-writer. "BUT whoever made this 'meme'? You're a POS and your friends don't like you."

The photos were taken on the set of Dunham's former HBO series, "Girls."

On the show, Dunham starts running in an effort to "get her life together."

But in real life, Dunham had actually embarked on a weight-loss/fitness journey because she learned she had endometriosis, a chronic reproductive illness that's managed through diet and exercise.

Although she was filming at the time of these snapshots, the photos serve as a permanent reminder of a time that was very difficult for Dunham (and very, very real).

It's already gross enough to turn the very serious cases against Weinstein into a joke, but then to exploit a person's illness for a laugh? Disgusting.

Not too long after posting her clap back, Dunham ultimately decided to delete her tweet (which is something she has done in the past to combat trolls).

Does Lena Dunham delete her tweets?
photo: Twitter

She revealed the reasoning behind her post-and-delete practice earlier this week.

As difficult as it is to let ignorant commentary slide, Dunham has learned that sometimes it's best not to waste energy on trolls.

A troll turned a photo of Lena Dunham working out into a Harvey Weinstein meme
photo: Twitter

Instead of focusing on hateful words, Dunham chooses to engage in positive, uplifting conversations. 

She won't let a rude meme take away from the important conversations currently happening across the internet.