On Wednesday, Lili Reinhart decided to live-tweet the new episode of "Riverdale."

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"Live tweeting with you West Coast!!!!" Reinhart excitedly wrote on Twitter before the episode aired.

Much to fans' delight, Reinhart wasted no time tweeting about her rumored boyfriend, Cole Sprouse.

Lili Reinhart tweeted about Jughead's "annoyingly perfect" hair
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Only four minutes into the show, Reinhart drafted a tweeted that paid compliment to Sprouse's "annoyingly perfect" features.

"Jughead's hair looks annoyingly perfect right now and it's bothering me," Reinhart swooned.

Immediately, Twitter stopped in its tracks.

Did Reinhart just acknowledge the "thing" she has going on with Sprouse?

Both Sprouse and Reinhart have stayed silent about their rumored romance, but that hasn't stopped fans from reading into every interaction between the pair — even their tweets. 

By "Jughead," Reinhart *definitely* meant "Sprouse."

Did Lili Reinhart tweeted about Cole Sprouse's hair?
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Her flirty tweet comes one day after she shared a photo of Sprouse on her Instagram.

Boy in field.

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"Boy in field," Reinhart captioned the snapshot.

Reinhart's tweet coupled with her recent Instagram post has left fans speculating HEAVILY about their relationship.

Are Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse dating?
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(Like, really heavily.)

But the most perplexing part? The fact that Reinhart *just* now noticed Sprouse's voluminous mane.

Lili Reinhart tweeted about Cole Sprouse's "perfect" hair
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*Sigh* Must be hard having such a perfect maybe-boyfriend...

Who is Lili Reinhart dating?
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