photo: Nickelodeon

A month has passed, but it feels like an entire lifetime. 

In one month, we went from living in a relatively normal world to one in which we are all quarantined to our houses and social distancing is the norm. The 31 days of March truly felt like an entire year, and no one is alone in that thought. People everywhere on social media are thanking their lucky stars that March is over and we can move on to a brighter day, but unfortunately it seems April may be just as long. 

Keep yourself busy in the next 30 days of quarantine, and hopefully we will get back to normal as soon as possible. 

Leslie Jordan is among many who are totally over this long-as-heck month. 

The Will & Grace actor is being hilariously relatable on his social media platform. Apparently, he is in quarantine with his mother, and is totally over it. "Torture. #march #forever #teenagetantrum," he wrote in his caption. "What are y'all doing?" he asked the camera. "This is awful. It's still March! How many days in March?! When is April gonna [redacted] get here." 

March definitely hit us hard. 

Bleacher Report shared a relatable video of basketball players getting nailed in the face by flying basketballs. That is how March felt, didn't it? Basketball players actually did get hit pretty hard by the virus, with multiple contracting COVID-19 during the season.

The days ticked by so slowly. 

"Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's walk is as slow as the month of March feels," E! News tweeted. The celebrity couple have been quarantined together, but still seem like they are as bored as the rest of us. Being stuck inside with nothing to do and nowhere to go has made everyone stir crazy. 

Someone explain to me why March felt like an entire year?!

"March was the single longest month in the history of months," Shaun King tweeted. The podcast host is correct; this month slugged by. These past 31 days trickled by so slowly. 

The comparison of how March started with where we are at the end is astonishing. 

Mark Ruffalo had a hilarious comparison from his Marvel characters. "March 1st vs April 1st," the actor tweeted. No one could have predicted that this is where we'd be after just one month of the coronavirus. 

The entire month was a disaster, honestly, but we're getting by with humor. 

Even though things took a turn for the worse, our public health care officials and essential workers are helping everyday life remain as normal as possible. The rest of us need to practice social distancing and stay the heck home to end this virus as quickly as possible. "The whole month of March," one fan tweeted with an image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor screaming hysterically. 

So much has changed, but memes on Twitter are constant. 

"Me on March 1 vs. Me on March 31 #MarchSadness #March2020," another Twitter user posted with two images of Winona Ryder from Heathers. The virtual world is thriving while we are apart from one another, and these memes are just one way to keep us smiling through a disaster.