There are plenty of ways to decorate a tree: You can go goth, base it around your favorite movie, or spend $15 million in diamonds and gold

A luxury hotel in Spain decided to go with the latter. The Kempinski Hotel Bahia in Estepona outshines all other expensive Christmas trees, even decadent celebrity ones or the $75,000 tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City, with its high price tag. The lavish and luxe tree shines in real jewels, hand-crafted art pieces by huge designers, real ostrich and emu eggs, and diamond-encrusted cash. 

According to Forbes, this tree beat out the current Guinness World Records holder for the most expensive tree, which was in the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi and cost about $11 million. 

From far away, it just sort of looks like any other fancy Christmas tree, and you might not even realize you were staring at $15 million. 

Adorned with millions of dollars worth of jewels and hand-crafted art pieces, this tree has the highest price tag of any other. Guests can ogle at the glimmering lights and diamonds if they can afford a trip to the luxe hotel in Spain. It's on display until December 27, so Christmas guests can gather around the tree to celebrate the holiday.

Peruse the tree and you might recognize some fancy brands, like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Bulgari. 

Some of the ornaments were recycled from vintage designer bags. I can only imagine how much it cost just to acquire the fancy designer gear. Plus, it's decked with jewelry and diamonds from high-end jewelers, like Cartier, Bulgari, Chanel, and Van Cleef & Arpels.

There's nothing fake on this tree — it's all real diamonds, gold, and other jewels. 

With a $15 million value, you can bet all of the decorations are hand-made and 100 percent real. Some of the ornaments were dusted with diamond dust, and some of the hand-made pieces were 3D-printed specifically for the occasion. Plus, there are edible arrangements on the tree, including 3D chocolate peacocks. 

Celebrity designer Debbie Wingham was charged with the massive task of designing the lavish tree. 

Wingham shared a time-lapse of the decorating process that took 11 hours to complete. This was no normal tree decorating — the epic art project required cable ties and extreme care to keep the fragile decorations safe. "LOOKS SO EASY IN TIME-LAPSE, but this was 11 hours of nonstop graft, decorating #themostlavishchristmastree," Wingham wrote in her caption. 

The tree even has real decorated ostrich and emu eggs, some sprinkled with black diamond dust. 

"Most of the ornaments are so fragile from real ostrich and emu eggs to resin art bags to mosaic masterpieces, blown glass even 3D printed chocolates. Well, what's a Christmas tree without edible treats! And of course [diamond]'s galore," Wingham shared on her Instagram, along with a video featuring some of the extravagant decor. One of the tree's themes was decorating with purses, from tiny ones to edible ones to one made of 22 karat golden thorns.

Wingham shared a video showing off even more of the lavish tree, valued at 11.9 million pounds or about $15.6 million USD. 

Of the diamonds on the tree, the ethically sourced gems included three-carat pink diamonds, four-carat sapphires, oval red diamonds, and black and white diamonds, according to Forbes. The tree was inspired by peacocks and the art deco movement. But there's also plenty of classic Christmas decor, such as snowflakes, fairies, and more.

One of the flashiest decorations on the tree is faux money that is encrusted with gold and diamonds. 

Wingham described the ornament on her Instagram, "I call it 1.3 mill as it has 1.1 million dollar bills which are 24 carat gold bills then the diamond is a 200k job, the case is glass, the chain that hangs the ornament is 24 carat gold too." The singular ornament is worth $200,000.

Another tradition is including edible ornaments on the tree, which are 3D-printed chocolates. 

Wingham shared a satisfying video of the chocolate peacocks being created by the 3D printer, and they look good enough to eat. Wingham wrote, "I can tell you insta fam, they taste amazing too!!!!!" After the chocolates were printed, the peacock heads were painted with a metallic sheen and placed on the tree.