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Reddit went nuts on Friday (July 15) upon discovering a video uploaded to YouTube in April that shows a woman named Jennifer Murphy performing a song — seemingly unironically — called "I Want to Be Neenja."  

In the video, she adopts a racist Asian accent for a bizarre ditty about training to be a "neenja" to defeat another ninja named Chow. Here's a sample lyric: 

"I want to chop, chop, chop Chow down/Take Chow down to Chinatown." 

(Apparently, she thinks ninjas are Chinese?)

Murphy has taken down her video, but other copies popped up on YouTube.

Murphy performed the song at a launch party for her line of murphy beds (get it?), and the audience ate it up — except for the poor Asian woman standing at the front of the room, trying to smile but mostly cringing through lyrics such as "I use my nunchucks / Even while feeding ducks."

The song and performance is appallingly bad, but watching this poor woman witness this makes it a hundred times worse.

That woman suffered through that whole song trying to grin and bear it, but look at her expression when it's over.


The reaction on Reddit was a mix of shock and incredulity.

"Is this really what rich white people do in their spare time? Not one person there has the balls to roll their eyes and look at her like she lost her fucking mind?" one commenter asked. 

A few thought it might have been a poor stab at satire, with another noting, "f you notice how much the camera pans to (the Asian woman), I think this whole thing was intentional, Borat style."

But this sentiment from another user summed up the Reddit community's reaction best: "It was so painful to watch that it should be a hate crime."

This Reddit comment was also absolutely on point.

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Twitter had some thoughts about the video too.

This isn't Murphy's first viral video (unintentional as it may be); apparently she also had a viral hit a few years ago with something called "Batman Underwear Guy."

photo: YouTube

She has several other comedy videos on her "YouTube Blonde" channel,...

...including one called "Poop and Smile."

Maybe Adele should cover this song on her next album? 

Besides comedy, Murphy has also dabbled in television — including starring in Season 4 of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice." No joke. Here's the clip:

So there's that.

Murphy is also a former beauty queen who won the Miss Oregon pageant in 2003.

Murphy went on to compete in the Miss USA pageant in 2004 — a pageant that was owned by Trump from 1996 until just last year.

According to her website, Murphy's resume includes work as an actress, motivational speaker, author, TV host, and philanthropist.  

She might have one more thing to add to her resume, according to this addition to her Wikipedia page:

Yep, that says "Actor/producer/Casual racist." 


The internet reaction has led Murphy to apologize for the video.

"It is obvious that I had bad judgment and didn’t understand that my attempt at humor would be seen as insensitive or mean-spirited," she wrote on the Facebook page.

One of the commenters on her page expressed hope that the backlash would serve as a wake-up call, writing: 

"I just hope that you learn from this and realize that casual racism in the form of humor is still racism."