A whopping 230 new emojis were approved by the Unicode Consortium a month before their release, which means that a whole bunch of new emoji options are coming to your phone in 2019! Just when you thought there was an emoji for almost everything, Unicode managed to create even more ways to express yourself.

Amongst the 200+ new emojis, there's an otter, a sloth, a skunk, a drop of blood, white and brown hearts, interracial couples, people with disabilities, and a bizarre "pinching hand" emoji, which is causing lots of chatter online. There's no official word yet on when these new icons will drop, but you can check them all out below. 

If you enjoy expressing yourself through tiny photo icons, then rejoice! The Unicode Consortium just announced there are 230 brand-new emoji options coming to your phone in 2019.

Technically, there are 59 new emoji styles, but with 171 variants for gender and skin tone, there's a grand total of 230. 

Some, like this yawning face, you'll be surprised didn't already exist.

There's a good chance this emoji will be living in the frequently used section of everyone's phone. I'm yawning just looking at it.

Others are welcome additions to the already plentiful animal library.

First of all, there's a SLOTH! Look at this precious little guy just lounging on a branch so casually. I aspire to be this chill. 

There's also a skunk, flamingo, otter, and orangutan.

Animal lovers will be very pleased with this update — now there's basically every animal you can think of. Next, I would like an individual emoji for every single breed of dog. Thanks in advance, Unicode.

There's also a wide range of abilities among the new emojis. Apple apparently proposed many of these to help foster a culture that's more inclusive of people with different abilities.

The update includes both male and female emojis in manual and motorized wheelchairs, canes, hearing aids, and prosthetic limbs.

Oh, and there are also new icons for guide dogs and service dogs, both of which are very good boys.

We are totally here for these service pups because a) inclusivity rules, and b) there can always be more dog content. Always.

Speaking of inclusivity, there's also a massive range of mixed skin tone emojis holding hands, representative of interracial couples.

When you think about it, it's pretty odd that this didn't already exist, considering just how many couples there are who don't share the same skin tone.

Also among the 200+ new icons is this detailed drop of blood emoji, which is apparently representative of period blood.

This emoji comes after a campaign led by Plan International UK saw over 55,000 people calling for a period emoji to be added to the global emoji keyboard. Weird flex, but OK.

More important, there is now a waffle emoji, which I think we can all agree is long overdue.

I'm really only interested in breakfast food emojis from here on out. Next, I would like to see a combined fried chicken and waffles icon. Please, and thank you!

Also, there will now be both a garlic and an onion emoji.

I have no idea why one would ever need to use these in everyday conversation, but sure, why not? Everyone loves garlic.

And last, but definitely not least, there's this bizarre "pinching hand" emoji.

The "pinching hand" option will come with adjustable skin tones, obviously, and will most definitely be used to represent men with, um, tiny equipment.

It's really just a thumb and index finger with a small space in between, and it's listed on the Unicode website with the keyword "small amount."

You already know that nine times out of 10 it'll be used to reference the below-average size of a certain body part. Don't even pretend you weren't thinking it.

One person on Twitter had the perfect idea for using this emoji, though.

Every time a man sends you an unsolicited dick pic, just shoot him one of these emojis back in reply. Whether he laughs or gets his ego bruised, either way, he probably won't send another. Win-win.

The new emojis are not available for use just yet, but you can expect to see them on your phone between now and October of this year.

photo: Gifer

Until then, you'll have to use the emojis already available to you, or go the old-fashioned route and express yourself with words.

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