Back in July, Apple announced that the iOS 12.1 update would feature over 70 new emoji additions. And let me tell you, now that the day has arrived, they did not disappoint. Technically, there are 158 new emoji, counting every gender and skin tone variation, but 70 new designs in total. There's more diverse people emoji with new hair color and style options, a variety of new animals and food, and even a GD mosquito for some reason I'll never know. 

Here's what you can look forward to when you finally get around to updating your software.

The emoji update has a little bit of everything — from people and body parts to animals and sports.

As for reaction emoji, you can look forward to a cute little smiley face with hearts all over it and a party hat emoji for your inner party animal.

For when it's October and you're still sweating, there's a red, hot, sweaty face.

And when the temperature drops 30 degrees by the next day, there's a freezing cold face with icicles on the chin.

When you're feeling tipsy, fuddled, boozy, or groggy, use this woozy face and you'll get the point across.

Need to persuade someone to do something? This adorable, big-eyed emoji will do the trick.

Love yourself some mangos? Who doesn't? Have a mango emoji.

They added cream cheese to a bagel emoji, because who eats plain bagels?

Bros will be pumped they can finally show their undying love for lacrosse with this emoji.

I have absolutely no idea why you would ever need this leg emoji, but it comes in six shades.

Oh, and redheads, rejoice! Your emoji has finally arrived.

Even curly-haired cuties can finally showcase their texture with these additions.

Whether or not you chose your white-gray hair is beside the point. Now you can actually share it using these emoji.

Bald babes even get their choice of emoji, finally!

And last but not least, here's a peacock.

Check out the rest of the new emoji here or, you know, just update your iOS.