Normani "Motivation" music video
photo: RCA Records

If you haven't seen Normani's incredible early '00s-influenced, heavily dance-inspired music video for "Motivation," you have been missing out. 

Luckily, those who still didn't catch it have the opportunity to watch the star perform it at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 26. The singer has been so grateful to all of the fans and supporters of the video and song. The 23-year-old has been keeping up on Twitter sharing fans' re-creations of the dance moves, one in particular. 

About halfway through the video, the triple threat artist shows off a truly gravity-defying move. Normani double pirouettes after slamming a basketball down and it bounces high in the air. As she finishes the second pirouette, the ball falls and bounces off her knee, then she bodyrolls and bounces it off her hip in a strong booty pop.

One fan took the challenge to the drawing board, and made a cute illustration. 

Instead of performing the act with their actual body, one fan drew out Normani's dance and animated it in the form of a gif. "Made a lil gif of the dance move of the century," the fan wrote and tacked on a basketball emoji. The singer clearly like it and replied, "Ohakskwnlsoxkskzosknw!!!!!!! this is amazing."

This epic success proves it's not just Normani with the booty-popping skill set. 

One challenger took the move literally to the courts and shot a basketball in one go. Bouncing the ball off his knee and then a strong backward pop to the basket, this user shot and scored. Normani was impressed, too, and replied ecstatically, "WHAT."

A few others were so close to making the challenge work. 

The challenge, rightly named the #MotivationChallenge, has inspired so many. Some people were able to perfectly execute, while others needed a little assistance. This clip is cute, and she bounces it off her knee and hip, so it was a success. 

It's impossible to listen to this song or watch the music video and not immediately also feel confident. 

One fan got into the dance moves so much and nailed the basketball pop. Of course, as any sane person would do, he totally felt confident and kept dancing after the move. "I got too excited ksskksksks @Normani a whole fail #MotivationChallenge," they wrote. 

And others recognized that it's definitely not as easy as Normani makes it look. 

"Well, this was a disaster," one fan said of the half-completed move. The true challenge, though, is dancing along to Normani's bop and feeling good about yourself. Of course, laugh off the bad moves, because no one would be able to pull off this stunt quite like the 23-year-old. 

A headline about alligators made some people think about Normani's music video, too. 

One fan joked, "#MotivationChallenge getting out of control." A gator was climbing a chainlink fence, similar in vibe to Normani's fence-twerk-sequence. Even Normani couldn't help but laugh at the new meme. 

One fan showed everyone up by including that insane flip at the end of the dance scene. 

A dancing fiend, this fan expertly pulled off the basketball booty pop complete with the body roll. Then after nailing that move, they backflipped their way off-screen. The dance moves in that one scene could have been edited to make it look better, but either way, Normani has proved she has trendy and cool moves.