On the red carpet, Paris Jackson stops people in their tracks with her glorious armpit hair

Paris Jackson's arm pit hair at the VMAs
photo: Splash News

But over on Instagram, it's her leg hair that steals the show. 

Earlier this week, Jackson posted an Instagram photo to draw attention to her ever-growing leg hair.

Paris Jackson's leg hair
photo: Instagram/@parisjackson

"if you're not competing with your brother over who can grow longer leg hair wyed," Jackson cheekily captioned the snapshot.

Jackson previously disabled comments on her Instagram, so fans immediately went to Twitter to show their support.

Fan reactions to Paris Jackson's leg hair
photo: Twitter
Paris Jacksons leg hair
photo: Twitter

Fans even tagged Jackson in their own leg hair snapshots.

Fan reactions to Paris Jackson's leg hair
photo: Twitter

Unsurprisingly, critics hit Jackson with disgusting body-shaming comments.

But she knew exactly how to silence her haters.

Jackson responded by posting this incredible meme, shrugging off the ignorant commentary.

Paris Jackson's leg hair meme
photo: Twitter

This isn't the first time Jackson put the spotlight on her leg hair.

Paris Jackson's doctor's reaction to her leg hair
photo: Twitter

Earlier this month, Jackson shared a funny story about her doctor's reaction to her body hair.

Jackson's candidness about her body hair is refreshing.

Paris Jackson's arm pit hair on her Instagram story
photo: Instagram/@parisjackson

She is committed to shattering the stigmas surrounding body hair.

"Some people think that it’s like super disgusting, especially on girls, but every human body does it," Jackson previously stated on Instagram. "It’s natural. Get over it."