Paris Jackson loves smoking marijuana, and she makes zero effort to hide her affinity for weed. 

The daughter of the late Michael Jackson fills her social media with weed-related posts, and she even scored a part in the druggy thriller "Gringo" alongside Charlize Theron.

After all, it's Jackson's life, and she can do (or smoke) what she wants. But some of her "fans" seem to forget that. 

Jackson is constantly subjected to unwarranted opinions about her weed smoking, and internet trolls even have the nerve to bring her father into it. 

Paris Jackson side eye

Oh, hell no.

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But Jackson isn't here for the blatant "weed shaming." 

After noticing the backlash against her recent tweets, Jackson hopped on Twitter and shamelessly put her trolls in their place.

On Monday, Jackson shared a video of herself lighting up a large branch of weed.

"wyd after smokin’ this," she joked. 

Immediately, trolls began shaming Jackson, telling her that her father would be "upset" with her choices. 

Paris Jackson's tweets about smoking weed
photo: Twitter

"Paris your Father would nevee [sic] allow you to smoke that," one commenter wrote. "Think of how upset he'd be.."

Jackson initially brushed off the comments with a simple response...

Paris Jackson's tweets about smoking weed
photo: Twitter

"I think I'm doing pretty ok considering the circumstances," she replied.

...but then trolls started calling Jackson a "hypocrite."

Paris Jackson's tweets about smoking weed
photo: Twitter

"I already have many young girls looking up to me and I want to be something their parents are OK with them looking up to," one person quoted Jackson's Vogue Australia interview from July 2017. "And what parent thinks its okay for their kid to smoke weed? Girl, you're better than this & you know it."

The troll added the hashtag #accountability.

That's when Jackson decided enough was enough. She took a few moments to expertly school her trolls.

Paris Jackson's tweets about smoking weed
photo: Twitter

"i know of a few parents that actually rely on this amazing organic medicine to keep their children alive since the alternative pharmaceutical drugs that doctors were shoving down their throats was basically killing the poor little ones but hey, to each his own," she wrote. 

Paris Jackson's tweets about smoking weed
photo: Twitter

"try googling 'narcotics' 'big pharma' and then google 'cbd' then get back to me, i’ll be sitting here eating granola and watching scooby doo," Jackson added. 

Jackson insisted her "fans" were the hypocritical ones — not her. 

Paris Jackson's tweets about smoking weed
photo: Twitter

"Why didn’t people freak out when i posted that snoop photo tho haha what did they think i was smoking," she asked. 

Tell 'em, Jackson!

Paris Jackson hair flip
photo: Splash News

Jackson is 100% in control of her own life, and if she wants to smoke marijuana, she doesn't need the internet's "permission" to do so.

(And, uh, word to trolls: Don't even try bringing MJ into this.)

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