By now, you had to have heard of PewDiePie. The YouTuber, who's made his fame and fortune by recording himself playing video games (LOL, YouTube, amirite?), has held the number-one most-subscribed spot on the platform for years — he was briefly dethroned this month, but quickly regained his title. He currently sits at 93 million subscribers.

Though his videos seem simple and innocent on the surface, PewDiePie's content has an extremely dark underbelly. He's been considered a controversial figure since the dawn of his popularity due to his shockingly laid-back approach to racism. He's used racial slurs in videos and promoted ideals shared with bigoted, white supremacist groups — he's rarely ever not being controversial.

In fact, one of PewDiePie's followers was recently captured after he shot 49 people dead in a New Zealand mosque. The shooter reportedly yelled, "Subscribe to PewDiePie" before going on his rampage. Due to the YouTuber's long history of racism and other forms of bigotry, a large and growing group of internet users is calling for him to be banned entirely from the streaming service responsible for making him famous.

YouTube, listen up. You've got a lot of harm to answer for.