megan rapinoe world cup
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The US Women's soccer team made an astounding victory at the 2019 France World Cup, and naturally, they partied hard following their win. 

Some people disagreed with the players' celebration methods, especially co-captain Alex Morgan's braggadocios show of "sipping tea" on the field following their win. The moment was all in good fun and no disrespect was intended, but what has been disrespectful is the backlash the soccer stars have faced following their celebratory parade in New York City. 

Specifically, Piers Morgan called co-captain Megan Rapinoe "unbearable" after a video of her holding a bottle of champagne and hyping herself up surfaced on Twitter. Fans of the 34-year-old clapped back at Morgan's comment. The tweet was unsurprising, though, as the British host has a history of hating on successful young women

The 54-year-old snubbed the soccer star on Twitter. 

Rapinoe can be seen in a video atop a float in a parade dedicated to the team's win. In a tweet one person praised the athlete's energy, "Megan Rapinoe standing on a parade float in Manhattan with a bottle of Veuve in one hand and the World Cup trophy in the other shouting 'I DESERVE THIS.' There will never be a bigger mood."

Piers Morgan vehemently disagreed, and wrote, "God she’s unbearable...."

Perhaps his remark was simply a spelling error.

One user edited his tweet to something more accurately representing the all-star athlete. They wrote, "you misspelled unbeatable." The shade is real. 

Morgan's responses really just come off as extraordinarily petty. 

One person called the host out for whining about the opposing team's win. "She’s amazing. Piers feels his masculinity is threatened and thus wants to take down a strong woman like her. He fails to realise, there’s an entire tribe, worldwide, of strong women and his days are numbered." 

He clapped back with, "I love strong women & my masculinity remains ragingly resilient, relax. I just find Ms Rapinoe very, very annoying." 

Morgan has called out other women in the past, making this tweet even more hurtful. 

One person called him out for his sexist messages, "really makes you pissed that there are successful women who openly celebrate their hard work and success, huh?" 

In late 2018, he and Ariana Grande infamously feuded about the sexual content of artist's songs, and even her mom got involved in the debate. The stars' argument ended up blowing over, and he even complimented the singer on her recent Vogue cover shoot. 

One person pointed out the hypocrisy of this photo. 

Sure, Rapinoe and her teammates were showing off and celebrating their win, but that's expected of sports stars. Ultimately, women are held to an entirely different standard to their male counterparts and it's wrong. 

One person called out Morgan for hypocrisy by shaming Rapinoe's celebratory video in which she holds up a bottle of fancy champagne and sings "I deserve this," because even he has a shot holding up the expensive beverage. "Awful when people parade a bottle of Veuve isn't it," someone wrote along with a picture of Morgan. 

Rapinoe rolled her eyes at the criticisms her team faced following their wins. 

Time shared a video of Rapinoe addressing her teammates' tea-sipping gesture in an interview. She shared that it was all in good fun and the team had nothing but the utmost respect for their opponent. The magazine's Twitter account wrote, "'Wah, wah, wah.' Megan Rapinoe responds to critics of her teammate Alex Morgan's tea sipping World Cup celebration." 

The soccer star has far more important events on her plate, so she'll surely brush off this online hater. 

Rapinoe shared this shot to her Instagram kissing the coveted World Cup trophy. The US women's soccer team won their fourth World Cup to date, far more than their male counterparts, sparking a debate about equal pay. Following their win the team attended the ESPYs, an award show for athletes and took home a prize there too. Basically, Rapinoe is all around winning right now, and no shady Twitter comments are about to bring her down.