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You're probably already following NikkieTutorials, but if you're not, stop and go to YouTube right now.

How do you not love her?

Nabela Noor's channel is bright, fun, and a must-watch whether you're a beauty maven or not.

Bonus: Noor's videos about mixed-size and mixed-race relationships are a must-watch. There's even a whole channel devoted to them!

Grace F. Victory's videos are a must if you want to feel like you have a friend who just GETS it.

I personally can't get enough of her advice videos, as well as her talks about body image.

Sprinkle of Glitter is great for current mamas and moms-to-be.

She gets real candid about her babies, motherhood, and sprinkles in quite a few beauty hauls for good measure.

Glowpinkstah is a jumble of positivity and giggles.

Be sure to subscribe for the next time you're in a shitty mood.

Amanda Allison is an fashion inspiration.

"Inside the Dressing Room" is honestly low-key genius.

Superb Stella is the queen of REAL REVIEWS.

The ultra-glam babe does beauty reviews and lookbooks that slay. My favorites, however, are her real talks.

Edee Beau's try-ons and tutorials always light up my subscriptions.

Her dating videos are HILARIOUS, too.

Chanel Ambrose's videos should be on your daily must-watch list.

From her hauls to her REAL talks about contraception and PCOS, Ambrose is a must-follow.

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