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... while a 26-year-old Brooklyn woman named Moira burned herself with hot coffee while trying to capture a Pokémon that appeared on her scrambled eggs.

After hearing about the story from my roommate I reached out to her via Facebook for more details. "I had just finished making some eggs when I set them down on my breakfast table," she said. "My boyfriend was playing with the Go app on my phone and was like, 'Oh my gosh, Squirtle is on your eggs!" So I spazzed and grabbed the phone from him to try and capture Squirtle. While doing that, I fucking knocked my coffee mug into my lap and was in major pain. Got the Squirtle though." 


But these injuries aren't so bad compared to what happened to this Redditor, who was almost abducted while searching for Pokémon in the wee hours of the morning.

Another Redditor, Stiphodon, posted to the same subreddit saying she almost got abducted while playing Go at 5 in the morning:

"It was a long night, couldnt [sic] sleep. Found out [Go] was released, got it. I was walking around at 5 am (i'm a young teen, bad idea) and a car follows me," Stiphondon wrote. "When other cars are people near me, he turns around. I'm freaking out. I get in a Skype call to deter him, it works, but he still tries to intercept me."

Lucky for this Reddit user, she ran into a graveyard, where she met a woman who confronted the man for her. She said the creep was holding an unidentified metal object, claimed to be a "paperboy" even though he was carrying no newspapers, and finally drove away once confronted by the adult woman.

Pro tip: Always Pokémon Go with a partner, and please don't do it at 5 in the morning. 


The game has also inspired a little organized crime! In Missouri, armed robbers created a Pokèmon beacon to lure, then rob, unsuspecting victims in the middle of a parking lot.

Police responding to an armed robbery call at 2 AM in the St. Louis area on Sunday (July 9) discovered that four armed robbers were taking advantage of the geolocation feature by creating a beacon at a Pokéstop in order to lure unsuspecting players. The suspects were arrested and charged with first-degree robbery. 


And finally, the competitive game is leading to some reckless behavior.

The game includes a message in the loading screen warning players about the potential dangers of playing a video game out in the real world: “Pay attention to your surroundings; you never know what beautiful or interesting things you'll see while playing the game."  

Maybe they should also add, "ALSO JUST CHILL OUT PEOPLE OMG PLEASE."