Quarantine house challenge on Twitter
photo: iStock

Most people are either quarantined alone, with roommates, or with their immediate family, but imagine if you were trapped with your favorite celebs or movie characters. 

Many people on Twitter are participating in the "Choose a Quarantine House" challenge, which is basically a game of Would You Rather. Categories include celebrities, authors, athletes, musicians, and even fictional characters. 

These social media games and challenges are just about the only thing keeping us sane as we're tucked away in our homes.

One person pictured a few Shrek options.

Someone tweeted: "choose your quarantine house:

1- lord farquaad with infinite gingerbread men that he tortures all day

2- donkey and dragon and their gross interspecies children

3- shrek and ogre fiona just constantly burping and farting on each other

4- puss in boots and he never shuts up"

Part of the fun is that some of the options include celebrity nemesis.

"Choose your quarantine house. #3 would be wildly entertaining," one person tweeted. These celeb options are so hard to choose from. House 3 with Taylor Swift and her arch-nemesis Kanye West, plus Billie Eilish, Oprah, and wild magician David Blaine would be a crazy ride.

One person chose a variety of rappers and R&B artists.

"You can only quarantine in one house, who are you picking?

House 1: 

- Future

- Young Thug

- Gunna 

- Lil Baby

House 2:

- Lil Uzi 

- Carti

- 21 Savage

- Travis Scott

House 3: 

- J. Cole

- Kendrick

- Big Sean

- Gambino

House 4:

- Drake

- Lil Wayne

- Tory Lanez

- The Weeknd"

Which musicians would you not get tired of listening to?

Whose musical talents wouldn't get old? Personally, I could listen to Ariana Grande all day and night, but I'm not the biggest Halsey or Niall Horan fan. Meanwhile, House 4 with Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and Nick Jonas could be interesting.

One nerdy fan came up with different Star Wars characters to quarantine with.

The fan account tweeted, "Choose your #StarWars quarantine house! Which group are you #SocialDistancing with?" Every House includes one villain, so it's hard to choose who would be the least terrible to live with.

British Vogue came up with some models and designers.

"Choose your #BritishVogue quarantine house," the magazine tweeted. Would you rather stay with the Hadid sisters or Kendall Jenner? I'm staying in House 6 with Victoria Beckham and Cara Delevingne.

If you had to choose these skin-care products to live with, which would it be?

What are the best products for your skin? In quarantine, I'm already feeling that my skin-care system is turning into a complete mess, so maybe I need to choose some new products. I'm headed to House number two to get hydrated with squalene, collagen, and essential oils.

These iconic fictional characters are so hard to choose from.

I'd love to see a stand-off between Darth Vader and Daenerys Targaryen in House 4. It also would be hilarious to see Joffrey Baratheon try to stand up to Iron Man and get schooled in House 7.

The fatal flaw with this entire challenge is it goes against the social distancing rule.

One person noted, "Major flaw with all these 'choose your quarantine house' questions: other people are in the house."

We're just going to assume that these characters and celebrities were all self-isolating in your home before the virus.