Queer Eye has quickly become one of the most beloved shows on Netflix, in part because of the amazing Fab Five

The Fab Five — Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Tan France, and Karamo Brown — are a talented quintet who make over the lives of at-the-time helpless men and women. After four seasons, the structure of the show is still heartwarming but a tad predictable. So, it would be easy for an AI bot to scan through the show and create its own script — though no one could have predicted it would be this hilarious.

Keaton Patti shared the bot-created script to Twitter, and fans went wild for the strangely accurate yet completely off plot and titles the bot gave the beloved leads. 

Here's the first page of the script that Patti posted to Twitter. Do yourself a favor and read through the entire thing because it's pretty hysterical.

"I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Queer Eye and then asked it to write an episode of Queer Eye of its own. Here is the first page," Patti tweeted. The script is set in "Atlanta, Gorgeous" of course, and the Fab Five crew has been renamed the "Fabbed Five."

The group's new titles are absolute perfection. 

"Tan - CEO of shirts, Bobby - builder of every structure on earth, Jonathan - bride of grooming, [Antoni] - groceries professor, Karamo - culture daddy Looove this! #QueerEye," one person commented all of the Fab Fives new job titles, and they are somehow completely incorrect yet match up perfectly. My personal favorite is Tan France, CEO of shirts. 

Van Ness had one line that worked out perfectly, even though it was a typo. 

One person read through the script and identified with one line in particular, "as an esthetician who loves fries with gravy, I can get on board with skincare poutine." 

The line belonged to Bride of Grooming, Jonathan Van Ness. The script reads, "Sorry not, doll. I want you soaping daily. That is a skincare poutine." 

Another line from Bobby, "the builder of every structure on Earth" is exactly how his mind must work on the show. 

It's no secret that Bobby puts in the hustle throughout the episodes, he transforms an entire house or garage or barn to absolute perfection. Not to downplay Karamo's lessons on morality, Tan's fashion sense, or JVN's hairstyling skills, but Bobby might have the biggest job out of the five. The bot's script certainly displayed that through this line: "Bobby: Nothing five hammers can not fix." 

Someone tweeted, "'Nothing five hammers cannot fix' is my new 'no problemo' phrase." 

So many of the lines in the fake script fit and don't fit simultaneously, and its somewhat disconcerting. 

"Reclaimed sand. CEO of shirts. Swimming hole of unbrushed teeth. Antoni screams until Bobby builds a dam. Skincare poutine. Wow," one person tweeted some of the best snippets of the script. They are so hilarious and feel like an episode from a separate dimension. 

Someone get this script to Netflix ASAP, because this could be the best episode yet. 

All of the Queer Eye episodes are filled with heartfelt connections and helpful tips from the leading quintet. I can't say anyone would be disappointed with a script that looked a little bit out of the ordinary like this one, though. 

"Can someone do the world a public service and animate this?" one person tweeted. 

Can we at least get the rest of the fake script now, please? 

While it's unlikely this script goes anywhere other than the internet, I would like to see the rest of this hilarious work. The original script garnered thousands of comments and retweets, so clearly it has impressed and delighted other fans. "Need this whole script please," someone wrote.