Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' marriage can be summed up in a word: #Goals.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
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Not only are they a perfect match looks-wise (um, hello, they're gorgeous), they both have an incredible sense of humor. Reynolds is forever shredding his wife on social media, and Lively isn't afraid to dish it right back.

They are *constantly* trying to one-up each other — but Reynolds maaaay have just stolen the roasting crown...

Earlier this week, Lively was spotted rocking a very different look in Dublin, Ireland.

Blake Lively with short, brown hair
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She began the first day of filming for her new movie "The Rhythm Section" over the weekend.

Paparazzi photos showed the actress looking completely unrecognizable.

Blake Lively with short, shaggy hair in her new movie
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Lively's long, blonde hair was swapped out for a shorter, shaggier cut (and her clothes couldn't be further from Serena Van der Woodsen). 

(Like, who is THAT?)

Blake Lively on set of her new movie
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*Jaw drops*

Fans started freaking out over Lively's haircut.

Twitter reactions to Blake Lively's short, shaggy hair
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But Reynolds beat everyone to the punch with his own savage Instagram post.


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"No filter," Reynolds wrote on Instagram, mocking his wife's new look. 

The internet lost it over Reynolds' low-key roast.

Ryan Reynold's response to Blake Lively with short hair
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It's safe to say Reynolds is currently winning the social media savagery battle.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
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But Lively is probably busy coming up with her own equally-savage response as we speak...