Sofia Richie in NYC
photo: Splash News

On Monday, Sofia Richie posted an adorable photo of her posing with her pizza — and her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber definitely wanted her to know he saw it.

"Happy place," Richie wrote, hovering over her pie.

Sofia Richie pizza Instagram photo
photo: Instagram/@sofiarichie

After spotting the pic in his feed, Bieber immediately jumped into Richie's comments to pay her a compliment.

Justin Bieber you are gorgeous Instagram comment to Sofia Richie
photo: Instagram

"You are gorgeous," Bieber wrote, later adding two exclamation points for emphasis.

But Bieber's kind words oddly enraged his fans.

Sofia Richie Justin Bieber Instagram comments
photo: Instagram

Trolls attacked Richie, blatantly slut-shaming her and calling her a snake.

Sofia Richie pizza Instagram Beliebers slut shame
photo: Instagram

They began pitting Richie against Bieber's other ex-girlfriends, Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin.

Sofia Richie Justin Bieber love triangle
photo: Instagram
Sofia RIchie Justin Bieber Instagram comments Hailey Baldwin
photo: Instagram

Several fans were appalled by the awful comments and quickly told the haters to get lost.

Sofia Richie Instagram comments
photo: Instagram

But the harassment continued.

All Richie did was literally post a picture of her pizza, yet one simple comment from Bieber opened the floodgates to an intense round of slut-shaming. 

Fans need to realize that the sexist comments toward Richie (and Bieber's other ex-girlfriends) are not OK.

Richie nor Gomez nor Baldwin are defined by their current or previous relationships to him. 

But sadly, this isn't the first time Bieber's fans have put Richie in this situation.

Justin Bieber Sofia Richie
photo: Splash News

In August, Bieber had to actually delete his Instagram after his followers wouldn't stop harassing Richie.

Clearly, they didn't learn their lesson. 

Word to Bieber's "fans" — the slut-shaming needs to stop.