Surviving R. Kelly Part Two
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2018 and 2019 brought about a new age of women speaking out about the sexual abuse they've endured. The Me Too movement empowered women to be vocal about their experiences and ultimately encouraged thousands more to do the same. One driving force of that was Lifetime Network's Surviving R. Kelly, a three-part documentary that lent a voice and a platform to dozens of women claiming to have been victimized by the singer. 

Well, now, after the massive impact of part one, part two has been announced, and the details the trailer reveal are tremendously disturbing. 


It's no secret that the decades-long alleged indiscretions of R. Kelly are disturbing. 

Surviving R Kelly Part Two
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For more than 20 years, R. Kelly's actions have been said to be anything but desirable. The alleged child predator became notorious after his marriage to then 15-year-old singer Aaliyah, which became possible through bribes. And that infamous video that allegedly showed him urinating on underage girls has proven R. Kelly to be both an abuser and a manipulator. 


And after years of the entertainment industry turning a blind eye, one documentary changed all of that. 

With the release of Lifetime Network's Surviving R. Kelly, dozens of his alleged victims and their family members came forward, alleging countless incidents of sexual, mental, emotional, and physical abuse from the singer. The documentary sent social media into an uproar, music outlets pulled his music, and there was a public outcry for his arrest, as well as the arrests of the many adults who have enabled his alleged behavior over the years. 


What followed was a spiral that included his team falling apart one by one, and unhinged interviews that left viewers speechless. 

Almost immediately, attorneys, managers, and other members of his camp began to turn on him for fear of being brought up on charges themselves. Offering information on Kelly and turning their backs on the longtime abuser whom they allegedly enabled and assisted for years. 

Then, an interview with CBS and Gayle King followed, which presented Kelly screaming, crying, and seeming to deny the allegations brought against him. 

The singer currently sits in jail on a slew of sex crime charges, something many believe was only made possible by the documentary.


Now part two has been announced. 

Lifetime just released the trailer for a second series, which not only presents new victims but also follows up with the victims from part one. In the three-minute video, many of the women and family members cite death threats they received after part one, the backlash, and how they've been able to cope. 

Shockingly, the trailer ends with Dominique Gardner, the live-in girlfriend rescued in part one of the documentary, ready to share her story. 


Another startling claim is from alleged victim Jerhonda Pace.

Jerhonda Pace
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Pace alleges that she was a part of a forced suicide pact of women that pledged to kill themselves in the case that Kelly goes to jail. 

Part two will premiere Thursday, Jan. 2, at 9 p.m. on Lifetime. Night two airs January 3 at 9 p.m., and the new season will conclude on Saturday, Jan. 4, at 8 p.m. The series comes exactly a year after the first installment.