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Of course Piers Morgan was one of the trolls. 

You know what women love? A man's opinion on their bodies. *Sarcasm*

Look! Another concerned citizen worried about Holliday's health. Ugh...

One blogger, Stephanie Yeboah, noticed that when men who do not have six-pack abs or thin bodies appear on magazines no one seems to care. There's never this great big backlash or "concern" for their health or "concern" about promoting obesity. 

Yeboah wasn't the only person to notice this double standard about men and women. 

Actress and model Jameela Jamil chimed in with similar commentary. 

It's almost like what people are upset about isn't her health or promoting obesity. It's almost as though people are upset that a woman dared to love herself and her appearance. That a woman had the audacity to not conform to manufactured beauty standards.