Tess Holliday hasn't always been known as "Tess Holliday."

The plus-size model's birth name is Ryann Hoven. She later changed her name to "Tess Holliday" in January 2015, using her then-fiancé's surname for her professional persona.

But in the timespan between "Ryann Hovan" and "Tess Holliday," there were actually two other names Holliday went by: Tess Typhoon and, more notably, Tess Munster. 

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Although Holliday only recently began using her fiancé's last name when she signed with MILK Model Management, she had always had an affinity for the name "Tess." 

"I chose Tess Typhoon because it sounded good," she previously revealed to People Magazine. "And then I chose Tess Munster because I like the TV show 'The Munsters.'"

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"Tess Munster" has since retired, but there is still evidence of Holliday's former alter ego all over her Instagram. 

Holliday's first-ever post was a blood-filled portrait featuring "Tess Munster" and a skull.

Tess Holliday's first Instagram post
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

"My first post on instagram!" Holliday wrote on April 3, 2012, using the handle @tessmunster. "Yeehaw!" 

"Tess Munster" made her Instagram selfie debut rocking bangs and pink MAC lipstick.

Tess Holliday's first Instagram selfie
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

"Pink noveau by MAC," @tessmunster informed her followers.

She quickly developed a love for fierce, shameless selfies.

Tess Munster
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

And "Tess Munster" fans were here for it!

Like the Tess Holliday of today, "Tess Munster" loved to work her angles.

Tess Holliday's Instagram as Tess Munster
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

"Coffee drank," @tessmunster captioned this sultry selfie. "Time to kick today's ass."

But *unlike* Tess Holliday, she was still afraid to get more tattoos. (Man, times have changed.)

Tess Holliday's foot tattoo
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

Holliday is covered in tattoos — but back in 2012, she expressed fear over getting more ink.

"I need to stop being a weenie & get my other foot Tattooed," she wrote on Instagram.

Fans could always count on "Tess Munster" to call out blatant body shamers, even five years ago.

Tess Holliday
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

"People can be so kind... " @tessmunster sarcastically captioned this screenshot, putting her troll on blast.

Unsurprisingly, "Tess Munster" eventually started the viral #EffYourBeautyStandards movement to combat these size-shaming trolls.

Tess Holliday Eff Your Beauty Standards start
photo: Instagran/@tessholliday

"Please follow my body positive movement #effyourbeautystandards on IG!" @tessmunster announced in 2013. "I will feature different women, inspirational photos & stories! My little community of love & size acceptance for everyBODY!"

She began selling T-shirts to promote her cause.

Tess Holliday t-shirts
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

"For those of you that don’t know, I have my own t-shirt line with original phrases and role models of mine like Miss Piggy," @tessmunster wrote, linking to the site http://tessmunster.bigcartel.com/. "They range from S-6x! I will be adding new designs soon, but check out the store right meowwww."

But unfortunately for Holliday, these T-shirts led to her first high-profile "scandal."

In late 2015, a post on Reddit surfaced that slammed Holliday for failing to deliver her #EffYourBeautyStandards shirts to customers who had already paid for their items.

She held pre-sales for them in 2014 with the promise that an undisclosed percentage of the proceeds would be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence — but according to disgruntled customers, hundreds of fans never received their shirts and "not a single cent went to charity."

Holliday later told Refinery29 in a statement the project was launched with “pure intentions."

"I have had more than a few tearful and restless nights over it," she said. "The reality is that I've done the best I can, and have tried to make everyone happy."

Despite the controversy, the #EffYourBodyStandards movement still took off, and the model quickly catapulted to fame.

Tess Munster
photo: Instagram/@tessholliday

By January 2015, London-based modeling agency MILK Model Management had signed Holliday to its plus-size division and five months later, she was featured on the cover of People Magazine.

As she became famous, Holliday ditched her "Tess Munster" name and became the "Tess Holliday" we know today. 

But as these photos show, the internet never forgets.

Thanks to her Instagram posts, Holliday's life as "Tess Munster" is forever preserved.