gender-neutral emojis
photo: Emojipedia

Another small but positive step forward for inclusivity and representation of nonbinary people is happening. 

The ever-popular emoji, which range from an alien to a martini glass to a pumpkin, will come in gender-neutral options. There will be a man, woman, and ambiguous version of characters like the vampire, mermaid, zombie, and genie. 

Find out which new emoji will be introduced, too!

398 emoji are coming, and a lot of them are gender-neutral versions of current characters.

Among the new emoji are a few cute new animals like the sloth, otter, and orangutan. There are also a few new food items like garlic and onion. There's also a drop of blood that's meant to symbolize menstruation. 

All of the human and human-like emoji now have a gender-neutral option.

Nearly all of the human emoji now have a gender-ambiguous option. Even fantastical characters like mermaids and genies have a new version. So do everyday characters like the person on a computer, a police officer, and the hand flip person. 

Hypebeast shared a close-up look at some of the new icons. 

There's also a new option where you can pair any two emoji together for the people standing together. New emoji to represent people with disabilities are also available including a deaf person signing, a hearing aid, prosthetics, seeing-eye dogs, and motorized wheelchairs. 

"The updated focuses on inclusion and diversity with the addition of interracial couples and gender-neutral characters which users will now be able to select multiple skin tones in group characters, such as couples and families," Hypebeast writes in its caption.

People are here for the inclusive additions.

"Y’all there are emojis for people with disabilities, and I’m one excited human," one person on Twitter wrote. The new emoji are here to make people feel seen and included, and there's nothing wrong with that.

There's an efficient way to choose the new characters too.

No two couples or families look the same, so the new emoji picker is a great way to choose characters that best represent you and your relationships. Plus, the new gender-neutral character options will be listed in the same way different skin tones are now listed in the emoji keyboard.