Generation Z kids notoriously have a dark, weird sense of humor stemming from growing up in the age of the internet. 

The latest trend on the video-streaming platform TikTok is for high school girls to dance to messages, voice mails, and recordings from their toxic exes in a sardonic video. While it's meant to be a jab to their exes, it's also a way for them to reclaim the usually harmful messages. 

And the rest of the internet is here for it. People on Twitter are in full support of these girls calling out their terrible ex-boyfriends and making fun of them. But the videos feature very real recordings that could be triggering for those in emotionally abusive relationships

If you are experiencing abuse in a relationship, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline:  1-800-799-7233.

The girl who started the dancing trend was cheated on, and her revenge went viral. 

One person on Twitter shared the TikTok video, and wrote, "TikTok girls inspire me." They also shared the original caption, "Day 1 of dancing to voicemails from my cheating ex-boyfriend." 

People on Twitter were seriously impressed with these high schoolers for standing up for themselves so publicly. One person replied, "Human evolution has really just exceeded to my expectations."

These videos bring awareness to emotionally abusive language in toxic relationships. 

Hopefully, after watching these videos, young and impressionable viewers will recognize that this behavior is unacceptable. Someone shared another video from the viral trend and tweeted, "Young women hilariously mocking their terrible boyfriends via TikTok while also teaching their peers what kind of communication is unacceptable in a relationship is like, so beautiful?" 

People are feeling seriously inspired, and hopefully it will lead romantic partners to treat each other with more respect. 

"This is amazing. I would 100% have done the same to a certain boyfriend when we FINALLY broke up for real. Epic, brave, and beautiful is what these girls are," someone tweeted along with Junkee's article that features even more videos from the trend. 

In one, a young woman screenshotted messages from her texts and Snapchats that all reveal hurtful language. Another had Siri read her hateful messages out loud, so she could take part in the dancing trend. 

Most people celebrate these high schoolers for calling out their messed-up exes.

Someone else tweeted, "girls on TikTok dancing to their [redacted] ex-bf's voicemails is officially my favorite meme of all time." People in abusive relationships are often afraid to come forward about their experiences, so this was one way for these girls to show what they went through. 

Tenley, who made a video on her account @tenleyearles, went on to film a few more TikToks detailing her experience with an ex that eventually led to a restraining order. 

Rolling Stone interviewed two of the girls who started the trend. 

Tenley and Isabella spoke about how listening to these voice mails from toxic exes brought them a newfound perspective. Isabella started the trend on her account @trapmoneybella, and Tenley followed suit. Tenley told Rolling Stone, "It was really hard listening to it the first few times, even now." She revealed that eventually she was "able to laugh at myself and at him," and it seems that posting the TikTok was a symbol of that.