Spongebob Squarepants meme episode
photo: Nickelodeon

The creativity of Twitter never ceases to amaze me. 

The internet's latest viral trend is a throwback scene from an early Spongebob Squarepants episode. The cartoon's vacant expression and ridiculous costume translated easily into a silly meme. 

Spongebob is a mainstay of pop culture. Despite rumors that the series would end when the creator Stephen Hillenburg died in November 2018, the longest-running show on the network has more in store. 

The latest rendition of the meme places the character cutout in various countries dressed in that culture's stereotypical attire with music from that country playing in the background. 

"La Vie en Rose" plays as Spongebob dazzles in French attire. 

Spongebob voyages to Paris in this video outside the Eiffel Tower, dressed in a black-and-white polka dot dress with a red beret and matching purse with, of course, a baguette. The tweet reads, "literally no one:" and follows up with "me ordering a baguette as a side at panera," sarcastically insinuating that Spongebob ordering a baguette at Panera is peak French culture.

Spongebob is a spitting image of Cleopatra in Egypt. 

This hilarious Spongebob creation dresses the sea sponge up as Cleopatra in Egypt, complete with exaggerated winged eyeliner and an Egyptian headdress and robes. The vacant look in his eyes is reminiscent of a drunken stupor, as one person on Twitter points out. They wrote, "Cleopatra walking home from drunk trying trying to remember which pyramid is her house." 

Spongebob is the ultimate tourist in New York City. 

Dressed in an "I <3 NY" T Shirt and a foam Statue of Liberty headband, Spongebob has gone full tourist in the Big Apple. A cover of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind" plays in the background because of course. 

The tweet made a Game of Thrones reference in a double whammy of pop culture references, "arya stark when she arrives west of westeros and discovers america." It's a hilariously accurate assumption that Arya would be shoved into the touristy garb and shuffled onto Time Square with a dazed look on her face just like this Spongebob meme suggests. 

Spongebob most likely just did a Korean face mask as he walks the streets of Seoul. 

The traveling Spongebob meme gained viral status after the French and a Mexican version of the cartoon were posted. This person took inspiration and made a Korean version of the meme. "Inspired by the French and Mexican Spongebob meme, I made Korean Spongebob," they tweeted. 

Spongebob took his travels beyond Earth and went to outer space. 

Neil Armstrong famously said, "It's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind" about humans embarking into outer space for the first time. I'd bet that Spongebob felt the same kind of pride when he made this leap from sea to space. The meme really grew from its original content posted by @DlXlENORMOUS.  

A British Spongebob in drag with a cup of tea is listening to "God Save the Queen." 

Spongebob wears his original outfit and really leans into British culture with a bearskin hat, an umbrella, and a cup of tea, standing outside Big Ben listening to the country's national anthem. Judging from his anxious expression, he just missed his double decker bus, or missed out on his opportunity to tour Buckingham Palace. 

A Scottish Spongebob is dressed in plaid with a set of bagpipes. 

Scottish Spongebob listens to (or is performing on his bagpipes) "Scotland the Brave," what many consider to be the country's national anthem. He stands outside Edinburgh Castle, one of the many famous Scottish castles. This meme creator painted the stereotypical bright orange locks onto his head and added a plaid kilt.