Artist Tyler Feder has become synonymous with diversity and representation. Her illustrations are often body positive, racially diverse, and feature LGBTQ relationships.

However, it's her latest self-portrait that's causing quite a stir among trolls.

The illustration features Feder with armpit and leg hair, along with back rolls and cellulite.

The text over the photo reads: "Thankful for my softness because it makes me human."

Well said, girl!

While most people applauded her raw honesty, some commenters just couldn't handle Feder's beautiful illustration.

Feder tweeted several screenshots of the comments she received on the work of art, ranging from "what girl has hairy legs that shit is nasty" to "disgusting" to "gross," among other shameful insults trying to tear down Feder's beautiful work.

Don't worry about Feder, though — she's not bothered by the comments at all.

She has a point. Why are people so worked up over a drawing of a woman with hairy legs? Additionally, most of the people who had negative things to say about the illustration were men — do they not know that women grow body hair, too? Well, they're gonna learn TODAY.

Body hair is a personal choice. Whether you choose to let yours grow or get rid of yours, it's totally up to you.

Twitter was quick to stand up for Feder and her self-portrait.

All shamers can "piss off."

Buh-bye! Never come back!

Most importantly, her work truly touched others.

And that is way, WAY more significant than the opinions of some trolls with a poor understanding of human anatomy.