It goes without saying that 2018 was another year of political turmoil, environmental disasters, and a looming recession. It's no surprise to me that people turn to themselves when the world around them is unstable. One way that we take care of ourselves is through self-adornment. 

Humans are acutely aware of their bodies, so we like to dress them up. Humans are also weird as hell, so we get a little freaky and fantastical with the ways we dress ourselves up. 

This is how fashion and beauty coped with 2018. 

If I would have known flower-vase hair existed, I would have happily jumped on this bandwagon. Slay, queen! 

If you're not sure what to wear with your vase hair, try these garden eyebrows.

Another weird trend that I am so down with: fine-art eye art. Take a look at Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" reimagined.

Hell yeah, get meta with it. 

Corkscrew nails were a thing this year. Hey, if you can convince men that you can drill into their skulls with the flick of a finger, why not?!

If you're into making your forehead look like a target, try halo brows.

Rainbow teeth — you know, 'cause you want to look like a kid who just drank fruit punch. 

Men on the runway wore fake pregnant bellies. Hey, considering some men can get pregnant, I wouldn't exactly call this a beauty trend.

This is about as trendy as those three-breasted women who walked down the runway in Milan.

Layering a billion items and charging folks $8,000 for it was also something that happened in 2018, courtesy Balenciaga. 

Balenciaga had some hits this year, including the double shirt. Look at the models — they look sad as hell.

Topshop sold jeans with a "fake news" print embellishment. It was a choice.

There were those weird clothing lines from fast food companies, which were low-key kind of dope.