Wendy's Bath Tub
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We all get it. After a long day of work, many of us need to decompress. Whether that be a glass of wine, an evening yoga class, or a warm bubble bath, a little "me" time is necessary after a long shift. However, most of the time those actions happen outside of work, not during. Unless, however, you're a Greenville, MI, Wendy's employee. 

The Michigan man went viral after filming himself bathing in a Wendy's sink, and now he's also jobless. 

We don't usually hear too much from Wendy's.

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The 50-year-old fast-food chain keeps a low profile. Aside from the occasional Twitter beefs with Burger King and McDonald's, we can guarantee that the chain is just busy churning out burgers, fries, and those sought-after spicy nuggets.

And maybe now we can also count on employees to bathe in the kitchen sink?

There's drama bubbling in Michigan — no pun intended –– because a Greenville employee was caught on camera literally taking a bubble bath in the restaurant's industrial tub. And we use the word "caught" loosely, as it seems like the employee was well aware that they were being recorded, later posting to the social media platform TikTok. The 23-second video gained traction when a disgusted Facebook user posted it to their feed. "So yeah I’m just gonna tell everyone right now DONT NOT GO TO THE GREENVILLE WENDYS. THIS IS DISGUSTING PLEASEEEEEE SHARE THIS," FB user Connor Somerfield wrote. 

"It feels like a hot tub," the man in the tub says. "I'm just enjoying life." In the video, you see another employee pass him a rag of sorts, while the cameraman chuckles in the background. 

Wendy's says the employees have since been terminated. 

Wendy's bath
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Christian Camp, vice president of human resources for Team Schostak, a company that owns and operates 56 Wendy’s restaurants, including the Greenville location, spoke to The Daily Mail. “We take it very, very seriously," Camp says. "We have already taken the proper steps to make sure something like this never happens again.”