BTS and Halsey "Boy With Luv"
photo: BTS

In 2018 YouTube dropped its annual Rewind video, and it totally missed the target. It ended up being the most disliked video in the platform's history and has garnered more than 17 million dislikes to date.

So this year, instead of creating something original, YouTube decided to showcase the most liked videos and most viewed creators. From beauty channels to gamers and vloggers, there have been billions of views on the site. While this year's look back wasn't nearly as hated as the 2018 installment, it still wasn't totally beloved. This year's video racked up 2.7 million likes and 6.4 million dislikes. 

Still, it was a fun way to see which channels and videos were the top-performing for the year. Of course, James Charles, BTS, and Kylie Jenner made the list. 

Watch the whole tribute video for a look back on the year. 

YouTube shouted out some of the top moments of the year, from musical ones to controversies. Plus, at the end of the video, the platform recognized all of the new and popular content creators, as well as those from around the world. The main complaint with this video was that it was a total step away from what the YouTube Rewind videos have been in the past, which is an original video with cameos from popular YouTubers. But after last year's controversy, they weren't about to attempt that again. 

With 17 million dislikes, the 2018 Youtube Rewind was arguably the worst video ever produced. 

Many complained that the video attempted to shove in too many disingenuous clips. Everything felt too thrown together and nothing was given the proper time and treatment to let jokes land or commentary come forward. Still, tons of the most popular creators on the platform were featured, like Liza Koshy, Emma Chamberlain, James Charles, the Dolan Twins, the Paul brothers, and more. 

Now, onto this year's best content. The most liked video of 2019 was from Mr. Beast. 

After a photo of simply an egg became the most liked photo on Instagram, the YouTube channel Mr. Beast attempted to become the second most liked video on the platform with egg-based challenges. Instead, the video surpassed its goal and became the top-performing video with 11 million likes. 

"Señorita" was the most liked music video of 2019, and the most steamy. 

Before Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes went public with their adorable and PDA-packed relationship, they released a super-steamy video for their collaborative song. The relationship rumors, super-hot video, and catchy song led to it becoming the most liked video of the year. Now they're raking in the love and likes on their relationship, too. 

Kylie Jenner's tour of her Kylie Cosmetics headquarters is the third most liked beauty video on the site. 

Kylie Jenner, of course, made the list of most liked beauty videos. At number three, the video has 1.3 million likes and is a vlog of the entrepreneur's day. The billionaire took viewers on a tour through her office, closet, and to a birthday party with her friends. 

Love them or hate them, Jeffree Starr and Shane Dawson were some of the most liked beauty YouTubers of the year. 

Shane Dawson's video about Jeffree Star, another makeup mogul, was the second most liked video, racking up 1.4 million likes. Both creators are always in the midst of controversy, but they still have a huge following, which allowed for the massive amounts of likes. The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star is an hourlong documentary about the makeup artist's life. 

And James Charles, of course, had the most liked beauty YouTube video of the year. 

James Charles' channel often garners millions of likes, but his video speaking only Spanish racked up the most of any makeup channel for the whole year. At 1.6 million likes, Charles gabbed with his viewers in his signature fast-talking fashion while attempting to use an entirely different language. 

And out of the entire YouTube platform, Pewdiepie had the most views of any other channel. 

The Swedish YouTuber and comedian has also had his fair share of controversy, but continuously remains on top of the YouTube charts. His massive following and long history on the platform contributed to 4 billion views this year alone. Other top viewed channels include David Dobrik, Jelly, Pencilmation, and Felipe Neto. 

Korean pop boy group BTS had the biggest 24-hour debut ever. 

Halsey and BTS collaborated for "Boy With Luv." The insanely popular band, unsurprisingly, had an insane 24-hour debut with billions of views around the world. The video featured all members of BTS and Halsey singing and dancing in the colorful K-pop world.