Kylie Jenner has a secret talent — singing. 

The young billionaire showed off her vocal chops in her latest YouTube video touring around her massive Kylie Cosmetics office. At the very end of the 16-minute video, Jenner wakes up her daughter, Stormi, by singing a little tune that has the internet in hysterics. 

"Rise and Shine," she croons to her 1-year-old in the video. The little diddy caught the attention of pop star Ariana Grande, who sang it on her Instagram story. Now the internet has gone wild with some of the most hilarious memes of the month.

In Jenner's office tour video on YouTube, she showed off her singing skills — and the internet couldn't handle it.

One person took the clip from the end of the video and tweeted sarcastically, "A vocalist." Jenner retweeted the message, clearly getting in on the internet fun. Jenner has actually shown off her singing skills before in various Keeping Up With the Kardashian moments and in an ad for her sister Kim's shapewear brand.

So, of course, Twitter had plenty to say about it. 

Jenner liked a tweet someone shared requesting the tune be their own alarm clock. They wrote, "I wish @KylieJenner would wake me up with her glorious 'rise and shine.'"

Maine Mendoza sang it to her niece, but it didn't quite have the same effect as Jenner singing to her daughter. Another person joked, "Alexa, play 'Rise and Shine' by Kylie Jenner every morning for the rest of my life."

Ariana Grande sang it on her Instagram Story, so now I'm patiently waiting for the collab music video. 

Grande loves a good Twitter meme, so she couldn't stay out of the trend either and sang it on her Instagram story. She wrote, "@kyliejenner can I sample?" and Jenner responded, "Yes, yes you can Ariana. As long as I’m in the music video." So, does that mean we have another Jenner-Grande music video on the way?

It's been turned into some pretty sick dubstep beats.

Jenner responded to this person's remix of her song with skull emojis, because it was too dang much. "Ok, but do y’all hate me yet," a DJ on Twitter shared with a clip from a new song featuring Jenner's voice. "Two very different worlds just collided and I am LIVING FOR IT," one person commented on the thread. 

The meme has now gone to the weird places of the internet, and it's honestly made it so perfect. 

There are fewer memes as weird as the distorted ones, which have gained plenty of popularity in the past. But somehow the remixes meshed perfectly with Jenner's singing. "RisE anD sHiNE," this meme page tweeted along with the video, and you'll just need to watch it for yourself.