Last week, 19-year-old college student Julissa Emile tweeted a series of bathroom selfies while traveling with her college's poetry-slam team.

The pics were taken in a gender-neutral bathroom in Chicago and posted to Twitter with the caption, "A gender neutral bathroom but every time I take a picture more queer people get in the photo."

The first selfie was of just Emile...

...but in every selfie after that, the number of people just kept multiplying.

The spur-of-the-moment selfie shoot has been favorited more than 53,000 times.

"I was just taking selfies in this amazing bathroom and then my friend Madaline joined me, and then Ellie and Lucas and Jeffry came in," Emile told BuzzFeed News.

Emile told BuzzFeed that every person in the photo identifies as queer.

"Personally, I think gender-neutral bathrooms are a necessity," she said. "Everyone deserves the right to exist in a public space."

And the countless people who replied to Emile's tweet agree.

They called it "wholesome" and "pure." The influx of love and support drowned out the few homophobic and transphobic haters who tried to quash their happiness.

For many, it damn near restored their faith in humanity.

There is good in the world after all!

Emile's gender-neutral bathroom selfie series inspired other folks to take their own and share them on Twitter, too:

Emile told BuzzFeed that she hopes that, in going viral, the photos show people that it IS possible to coexist peacefully together...

Posting this selfie here because it went viral and I want everyone to know that I'm THAT bitch

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