Tinder might be filled with creeps and dick pics, but the app has truly made strides in regards to inclusivity. The app released a statement last year that promised the app would never delete anyone because of their gender, which is really awesome — if that was actually the case.

The app is now being accused of deleting multiple trans women from the platform for a ridiculous reason.

The latest woman to get deleted off the app is Tahlia Rene, who got kicked off the app because she violated Tinder's terms.

She shared the email she received from Tinder, which stated that she was banned from Tinder for "violating our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines in some way."

She insisted that the only thing she "did" to violate any guidelines is be mass reported by men who were offended by the fact that she's trans.

She also questioned the need for multiple gender options on Tinder if it's just going to lead to her being reported.

"They just use us as a marketing plot to prove how 'inclusive' they are," she wrote.

She also said it happened to many other trans women.

The same thing happened to Kat Blaque, who went back and forth with Tinder on Twitter over her wrongful profile deletion.

She eventually did get her profile restored, but it continued to act glitchy and not allow her to access her messages or matches.

Tinder did apologize to Blaque.

However, its apology is totally moot, seeing as the same thing happened to Tahlia Rene just days later.

Tinder bans profiles for getting mass reported by users, so the fact that its listening to whining male users who don't grasp the concept of trans inclusivity over its engaged trans users is truly insulting.

Do better, Tinder. Dump the cartoons and make strides to protect your users instead.