We've all been a little angry when our beauty order took just a *little* to longer getting to us in the mail than we liked.

Usually that experience warrants a customer service complaint, or an angry tweet at the brand.

Unfortunately, an upset customer took her anger out in a way more disgusting way — by sending Danielle Bahi, the founder of indie beauty brand Bahi Cosmetics, a truly revolting package of her own.

Bahi took to Twitter to vent about instances of ill treatment she's experienced from customers as a young entrepreneur.

"Ya'll wylin. First it was shit in my PO BOX, then someone trying to fight me at the PO BOX over a tester size bottle they wanted," she wrote. "And now people claiming other things that didn't happen. Ya'll wylin fr fr." 

Bahi was addressing a customer who made a complaint about a package that never came — which Bahi says is untrue. 

Of course, other Bahi customers couldn't stop focusing on the cringe-worthiest part of her tweet. One follower reached out to clarify what *type* of shit she was referring to.

"[What do you mean] shit in ur PO box?..." a user asked Bahi.

For clarity: She meant real life poop.

"Actual SHIT," she confirmed. "Like they pooped in an envelope and sent it to my PO box because her order took 3 days longer to get to her house." 

photo: Giphy

Mailing poop is not appropriate angry-customer behavior, under any circumstances.

photo: Giphy

It's also important to understand that businesses are going to mess up from time to time. Some of that is in their control and some of it is not. 

Either way? Make your complaints known the old-fashioned, less disgusting way. Please and thanks.