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Today: Eyebrows on fleek

kim kardashian eyebrows
photo: Alle / Revelist

We live in the era of the selfie, and therefore our eyebrows must be camera-ready at all times. Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, and Kim Kardashian (above, obviously) all have the perfectly full, filled-in brows we aspire to, and even men woke to the power of flawless eyebrows (like Drake) spend a lot of time and money getting their arches right.

Social media has also turned eyebrows into a billion-dollar business. Anastasia Soare, who launched brow business Anastasia Beverly Hills in 1998 — became a superstar practically overnight as we all clamor to keep our eyebrows #onfleek.

And here's the full video, showing off every brow look you can think of!

Which era of eyebrows are your favorite?

100 years of eyebrow trends
photo: Alle / Revelist

More importantly, was me bleaching my eyebrows to shoot this video worth it?