Fans of the late '90s R&B singer Aaliyah have been desperate for a beauty brand to drop some tribute makeup since she passed in 2001. In fact, the thirst for Aaliyah beauty even inspired someone to start an Aaliyah for MAC Twitter page and petition campaign in 2015, and  that push inspired MAC Cosmetics to finally confirm an official Aaliyah collection.

Now, Aaliyah-inspired makeup is FINALLY here — but SURPRISE: It's not released by MAC!

Melt Cosmetics just teased a collection of eye shadow singles inspired by Aaliyah.

The brand totally beat MAC Cosmetics to the punch. The new eye shadow collection is called Baby Girl, affectionately named after Aaliyah's most popular nickname. 

These products are believed to be dropping as soon as March 23, according to Trendmood — though an official release date has not been confirmed by Melt Cosmetics yet.

The brand has only revealed it will announce the eye shadow date "soon," via its Instagram captions.

The shadows appear to be inspired by Aaliyah's last self-titled album cover.

The eye shadow singles range from cool pinks to warm reds. 

Many of the shade names are a tribute to Aaliyah's classic '90s hits. 

The shade names from top to bottom are: Baby Girl, So Dope, Come Over (a posthumously released track), More Than A Lover (inspired by the record "More Than A Woman"), and Dust Yourself Off (inspired by a chorus lyric from Aaliyah's song, "Try Again"). 

Check out how some of the shadows look on an actual face. 


Fans who wanted at least ONE brand to drop some Aaliyah cosmetics are now getting TWO, since MAC Cosmetics is still dropping an entire Aaliyah M.A.C. collection this year.

People are still excited for the MAC collection to drop this summer 2018, though MAC hasn't revealed a single product teaser. After all, can you have too much Aaliyah?

Who's ready to slay an Aaliyah beat, though? 

photo: Giphy

Stay tuned for more details on Aaliyah makeup! 

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