Sadly, it seems like Anastasia Beverly Hills may have just had its most disappointing product reveal yet. You see, the brand has been teasing a new highlighter palette with beautiful swatches and mysterious makeup looks — but now fans have a view of the full palette, plus a release date. 

The bad news is ABH fans have A LOT of concerns with this new palette. The good news is the brand is taking time to address many of them one by one. But how will this all shake out in the end?

First things first, say hello to the new Dream palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills!

"DREAM #GlowKit 5.22.18 $45," the brand revealed in the Instagram caption.

The Dream palette ($42, Anastasia Beverly Hills) is serving up major unicorn vibes. The palette has three traditional highlight shades: Wish, Sunshine, and Regal. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills is also catering to the color lovers of the world with three bold shades: Unicorn, Ethereal, and Magic. 

It drops on May 22 for the highlighter-obsessed people of the world!

The palette's color selection seems well-balanced with everyday highlighter shades and fun, fanciful wild cards — but ABH fans seem to feel differently about the shade selection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills fans seem to think the Dream palette shades may not be wearable.

"Kinda over the iridescent festival unicorn fantasy highlighters... and I’m over highlighter palettes," one fan shared

"Starburst from the SugarGlow kit could stand alone! Or that Amarezy [sic] highlighter is awesome. Who needs a palette with green, lavender, periwinkle, etc highlighters? Sell them as singles and see what happens."


Many Anastasia Beverly Hills lovers consider the palette too "unicorn."

"'Unicorn” nice Norvina, you're showing us the boring way you are," another fan griped.

Some fans who were excited about the palette are changing their minds.

"I was so excited for this yesterday and now I’m just so bleh about it. I own both the Aurora & Moonchild palette[s]. I wanted something different like stunning rose, gold, champagne highlights," a fan expressed.

This backlash does seem a little odd since Norvina has teased shades from the Dream palette for months to the excitement of Anastasia Beverly Hill fans. The colors teased haven't changed, so the uproar is interesting, to say the least.

Other ABH fans are defending the brand for giving its customers exactly what they asked for. 

"Y so damn annoying. Everyone bitches about brands like Tarte dropping the same mediocre 50 shades of nude and then when brands do cool shit with color, ya bitch about how it’s unwearable?" one fan shared. 

"It is wearable, just not for you. There are enough shades for people who wanna do the typical. Not everyone is boring or wearing their makeup in conservative environments."

To Anastasia Beverly Hills' credit, the brand has certainly released traditional highlighter shades before, with the Amrezy highlighter being its most recent release.

The Amrezy highlighter ($28, Sephora) is a "light, brilliant gold" and is the latest in a line-up of Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters in neutral shimmery shades. 

The brand also has two previous Glow Kits with more neutral shades: the original Glow Kit and the Sugar Glow Kit ($40, Sephora).

Anastasia Beverly Hills has also teased new shades in its liquid highlighter line-up, which appear to come in traditional glowy hues. Check out how lovely "Patina" looks on this model.

Norvina teased this new Patina highlighter and revealed a tentative July release date, which means Anastasia Beverly Hills isn't just following current colorful highlighter trends.

The brand seems committed to making fun, unique makeup while also catering to its fan base that knows and loves ABH for quality everyday beauty products.

Makeup can be both functional and fun, so why not let Anastasia Beverly Hills slay our faces with both? If the Dream palette colors don't agree with you, then feel free to shop ABH's old *and* new shades.

photo: Giphy

For anyone over new highlighter releases altogether, Anastasia Beverly Hills has you covered next season. Check out this mini-announcement from the brand!

"It's beautiful but I was hoping for another eye palette," a fan told the brand on Instagram.

"Coming in fall," ABH confirmed.

And there you have it! The Dream palette drops on May 22, more liquid highlighters drop in July, AND an eye shadow palette is on its way this fall. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills wants to overload the people with all kinds of new makeup and it's a lovely, lovely thing.

Happy shopping, beauty freaks!

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