Anastasia Beverly Hills is coming with that fire this 2019! The beauty brand has blown our wigs back so many times with flawless makeup releases over the years. Thankfully, it seems that company president Claudia Soare, better known as Norvina, is showing out this year more than ever before. 

Beauty fans have been blessed with the brand's first bright eye shadow palette, fresh eyebrow products, body oil, glitters for Valentine's Day and the brand isn't letting up anytime soon. Norvina recently revealed that she has another launch up her sleeve and it's a never-before-seen product being added to the Anastasia Beverly Hills lineup. 

Hold those wigs steady. Anatasia Beverly Hills has foundation on the way. 

photo: VH1

The brand is ready to add a little more slayage to the foundation game. We have access to everything from iconic brow products to eye shadow palettes to highlighters to lipsticks. Finally, this cult favorite beauty brand is adding its two cents to the foundation availability in the beauty aisles. Raise your hands if the coins are already spent because you trust Norvina with your wig and your beauty bag and you know it's going to be fire? *both hands in the air*

Norvina revealed the news on her Twitter page.

She dropped this video on her Twitter fans like a bath bomb and sent us all into immediate swoon mode. “OMG, since I’m telling on myself today: August, I can’t wait for you. It’s going to be so good," she gushed in a Twitter video of her inspiration wall.

As you can see, that wall included photos of 50 models with different skin tones starting from fair to deep dark. Just go ahead and zoom into the end of that foundation spectrum. YES.

She didn't utter the word "foundation" in that specific post but don't worry. Norvina clarified the exact product in her follow-up tweet.

"This is where all my weekends have gone lately.  Set life getting ready for these foundations," Norvina tweeted after the video. 

Translation: Norvina has been living in the Anastasia Beverly Hills headquarters testing this and trying that to get all 50 of the brand's foundation shades on point for the people. If you know anything about Norvina, you know she studies her butt off and totally locks in when she's developing new makeup.

She even poured a few more drops of tea on the foundation finish we can expect.

You know Norvina loves a dewy finish! "It’s liquid and dewy. [It's] the most skin-like foundation. It doesn’t even need to be set." 

Excuse me, sis? A foundation that doesn't need to be set?! I stan a queen who loves to minimize the beauty routine. We're not all out here filming 20 minutes worth of YouTube footage. Some of us need a quick beat to run out of the door with. 

Norvina also low-key called out unnamed retailers for pushing back on making room for the 50 shades in stores.

"Also would be great if you guys could support me by telling these retailers that I really do need all 50 shades in the store cause I’m getting some pushback from some and I don’t want to give in," she wrote to her followers. 

This tweet is actually super insightful. Although makeup brands need to be held accountable for inclusivity, it's a reality that pulling off product inclusivity in the thorough way that they want to isn't always up to them. Beauty stores (ahem, Sephora and Ulta, we're looking at you) have to make accommodations so the brands that do care about expanding shade ranges actually have the space to do so at physical stores. 

It's super clutch for shoppers with deeper skin tones to be able to walk into a store and throw a swatch party in the aisles just like fair-skinned people. 

She confirmed that she's already mapped out how her products can fit. 

Sis already has a full illustration of the display! Stores are just going to have to step up. "We can make it fit! Just let me put them all in," she shared on Twitter. 

We can also expect a formula that can work for people with various skin types and makeup requirements.

The foundation is vegan, gluten-free, alcohol-free, non-comedogenic, and designed for people with sensitive skin. Additionally, the foundation has already been tested by dermatologist and ophthalmologists. This Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation will not leave us with the ashy white caste, also known as flashback. Norvina is out to get us all the way together this August. 

The dope part about this product development and launch process is that Norvina is taking notes from her customers up until the very end.

"OK real talk, this is major anxiousness right now. How do we help customers choose their shade? From an education perspective, I need advice," she wrote on Twitter.

Norvina does this with every launch and in between all launches. She's always on her Twitter page seeking advice and I'd bet my savings that she does this in her private circle as well. 

As usual, we're getting something else with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation.

Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadow primer is on the way to help you with those looks you love creating with the cult favorite Modern Renaissance, Soft Glam, and other palettes by the brand. Let's cross our fingers that Norvina releases mini-sets too. The eye shadow primer with a mini palette would be LOVELY in that Sephora minis section. I'm just saying. 

Now, who's ready for this Anastasia Beverly Hills SNATCH on deck for the summer?

photo: VH1

We have 50 shades of foundation coming in August that supposedly doesn't need setting and primer due out in June. Don't forget that Norvina also promised more colorful launches. It's going to be a really great summer for beauty. Get those coins prepared now. 

It also speaks volumes that Anastasia Beverly Hills didn't hop on the foundation shade range train right away.

After Rihanna brought 40 shades of Fenty Beauty foundation with her groundbreaking launch, so many brands rushed to expand their foundation and concealer ranges. Sure, the expansions were needed but the sudden obsession with large shade ranges was undeniably a direct response to the Fenty Beauty release heard around the world. Not all of those brand launches were genuine and it showed. 

From terrible undertone choices to horrible marketing plans, the huge shade range scramble felt like obvious, desperate pandering. Many of those brands do not value dark skin any more today than they did when they didn't have dark complexion products at all. To see that Norvina watched all of this go down, stayed in her pocket, did her research — not just on her foundations but on every single launch to date, complexion product or no complexion product — and remains in the student's seat no matter how successful she's gotten in the beauty industry says a lot about her character and how seriously she takes her business.