Makeup lovers are always looking for fun ways to apply beauty products to their faces! We've seen a ton of beauty challenges over the years that have push product application abilities to their limit. The world has gone way beyond Beautyblenders and makeup brushes

People have used everything but the kitchen sink to blend their makeup, quite literally. The internet has been pummeled with substitutes like hair rollers, memory foam pillows, dish sponges, socks, squishy toys, and even tampons! Even the Revelist team has jumped on the trend and tried strange makeup application products. Never forget that we engaged in a wine bottle contouring session because, well, what's the point of makeup if we're not having a ridiculous amount of fun putting it on? Also, wine not incorporate wine into literally anything we can?!

The latest beauty challenge actually requires us to dial our outrageous makeup application tactics back a ton. We're pushing wine bottles and the other kitchen products to the side and going back to the basics. This means we're even waving goodbye to our Mickey Mouse, Wonder Woman, and The Little Mermaid novelty brush sets. 

The new beauty trend is to actually blend our makeup with nothing at all but the fingers we were born with. That means no packing brushes. No eyeliner applicator. No Beautyblenders. No nothing! We're not even using the trash foam applicators that come in the drugstore eye shadow palettes. 

Check out our latest video to see if we succeeded or failed at applying makeup with only our fingers!